Hypercharge is a shooting game that allows you to customize the character. If you are interested in playing Hypercharge, this guide will give you all the details related to the game.

Hypercharge Tips and Tricks

At the start of the game, you can choose to play easy, medium and hard depending on your skill level. You can either play solo, with a friend, on a split-screen or online. For the customization of characters, there is an option on the main screen. The other essential in-game functions are discussed in detail here.

Learning to Jump Effectively

In Hypercharge if you are looking for good vantage points or collectibles your need to get on board with that jumping mechanic early in the game. First, you can do a double jump by tapping the jump button again. You don’t need to take a running jump to get somewhere that means you can jump to some point from a static position.

Holding onto the jump button will take you up until you reach a ledge. you have to keep the jump button still to do this effectively.

Effective Trap Placing

One enemy type is really annoying and moves toward you by spinning very quickly. Their movement is quite fast which makes them difficult to kill. It’s best to trap them by using your blue weapon which is Gludo.

Gludo will actually slow them down making it easy to kill them. It works like glue on the floor. There are other optional traps like a stingy boy, Buildo, and waterbomb as well depending upon the enemy type.

Powering The Hyper Core

Most Of the players won’t know that you can power a shield using a battery. The battery is either placed directly you can throw that as well. Also, the battery can be shared with other players as well.

Health Pickups

Health does not regenerate on its own in Hypercharge. These health pickups are scattered throughout the game. They look like little cherries.

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