There is very little information about Hyper Scape, the new battle royale game from Ubisoft. The closed beta is underway right now and you can get yourself invited.  The basic premise of Hyper Scape is the same as other battle royale games but there is one gameplay element that is different from any other battle royale game, hacks. There are multiple hacks in Hyper Scape.


All Hyper Scape Hacks, Effects, and How to Fuse

Hacks are super powerful abilities that allow the player to bend the map in different ways. You can erect massive walls that absorb bullets while other hacks may you invisible. Understanding hacks is the best way to get an edge in Hyper Scape. Hacks can help win one-on-one engagements.

Hacks give you offensive and defensive skills as well as movement speed. In Hyper Scape you can carry two hacks simultaneously. Hacks are assigned to Q and E on your keyboard. Use a combination of hacks to get weapon cooldowns and upgrades, more damage, and effectiveness in battle.

All Hacks

The following are all the hacks in Hyper Scape.

Hacks  Effects 
Armor  Stand within an area of effect to avoid all damage. You can’t shoot or use any other ability as long as the Armor hack is active. 
Wall  Erect a wall for cover and avoid the line of sight. You can also place it mid-air. 
Teleport  Teleport a short distance. 
Ball  Turns the player into a bouncing ball. It protects from incoming damage until it’s destroyed. It moves at high speed. 
Heal  Heal yourself and teammates in an area of effect. 
Mine  proximity mine 
Slam  Slam down with force after jumping up in the air or use it to stay above ground and shoot enemies. 

 How to Fuse Hacks?

The only way to upgrade and increase the effectiveness of hacks in Hyper Scape is to fuse them. Each hack can be upgraded up to tier 5 in Hyper Scape. To fuse a hack you need to find a copy of the same hack. Pick up a hack and when you come across the same one again, press F to infuse the hack and upgrade it. You will now have upgraded stats for your hack in Hyper Scape. You can repeat the fusion process up to 5 times for each hack.


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