The key to victory in Hyper Scape is a great understanding of weapons. And if you are here that means you understand the importance of weapons and wish to know what are the best weapons in Hyper Scape. The weapons in this battle royale game are some of the most unique we have seen in a while. What’s the best weapon depends on your play style and your current situation and position in combat. We will discuss all of the weapons in Hyper Scape and see which weapon is best in what situation.

Hyper Scape Best Weapons

There are no weapon tiers, meaning there are no better versions of the weapons you are using. This allows you to focus on the game rather than looking for better weapons. There is a select list of weapons available in Hyper Scape. However, you can pick up duplicates of your weapons and fuse them together to upgrade. Some weapons see a huge boost in stats while others no so much but each fusion improves the weapon you are using. For example, Protocol V is a weapon that gets a huge upgrade when fused with another Protocol V. It does double damage when you fuse it with another Protocol V.


We do not recommend using this weapon as your primary. The D-Tap does a really sad amount of damage, the only good thing about this gun is the auto-aim system which makes it really easy to hit the enemy. So when can you use this weapon? Well, this battle royale game is extremely fast-paced so early on you might not be able to aim that well, having D-Tap’s auto-aim system will help you survive.

D-Tap Upgrades

You can fuse D-Tap 5 times for magazine size increase and damage boost.

  • Magazine Size: 15; 17; 18; 20; 23
  • Damage:,5; 5; 5; 5; 6

Riot One

If you played Apex Legends than you will feel right at home using this weapon. It is quite similar to the Wingman hand-cannon. Riot One does close to as much damage as a sniper rifle. You may find it hard to make long-range shots with this weapon because it has no scope.

Riot One Upgrades

You can fuse Riot One 5 times to get a good amount of damage boost.

  • Damage (Body): 26; 29; 31; 34; 38
  • Damage (Head): 39; 43; 46; 51; 57

Mammoth MK I

To get a huge edge in close range combat, get the Mammoth MK I shotgun. This weapon will get the job done thanks to its massive damage-dealing capabilities. But keep in mind that it can not one-shot an enemy with full HP. But its upgrades make it deadlier. The Mammoth MK I shots 13 pellets in a static pattern and since the spread is tight you can do good damage at medium range as well.

Mammoth MK I Upgrades

You can upgrade this shotgun to increase magazine size and damage at point-blank on the body.

  • Magazine Size: 5; 6; 7; 8; 9
  • Damage (Point Blank Body): 75; 75; 75; 75; 105
  • Damage (Point Blank Head): 105; 105; 105; 105; 120


The Ripper is for those who prefer SMG or an assault rifle. The weapon is similar to Apex Legends’ R-301 Carbine but it is comparatively slower with more recoil. Just like other weapons, this can be upgraded as well. Ripper does come with fall-off but you get additional accuracy when ADS.

Ripper Upgrades

Ripper can be upgraded multiple tines for increased magazine size and damage.

  • Magazine Size: 23; 26; 28; 30; 36
  • Damage (Body): 11; 11; 11; 11; 13
  • Damage (Head): 16; 16; 16; 16; 19

Protocol V

This is the only Sniper Rifle in the game right now so it is your only tool for long-range combat. Without any upgrades, it deals 75 damage to the head so it would take two shots to kill the enemy. However, if you manage to fuse it to the max Protocol V will turn into a one-shot kill when you hit the head. Protocol V is a hit scan weapon and one of the most powerful weapons in Hyper Scape.

  • Damage (Body): 50: 58; 65; 73; 80
  • Damage (Head): 75; 87; 97; 109; 120


The Hexfire is a minigun with an incredible rate of fire but it only does 4 damage per bullet. It also has a long reload time but no damage fall off. When you hip-fire the bullet spread is insane so keep things ADS at all times. Even with its cons Hexfire is one of the best weapons in Hyper Scape. It deals an insane amount of damage to highly mobile enemies thanks to the ability to deal with sustained damage.

Hexfire Upgrades

This weapon can be upgraded 5 times through the fusion process on the following upgrade path.

  • Magazine Size: 150; 180; 210; 240; 270
  • Damage (Body): 4; 4; 4; 4; 5
  • Damage (Head): 6; 6; 6; 6; 7

Salvo EPL

The Salvo EPL is a grenade launcher that comes with 6 shells. It does good enough damage but nothing to write home about. However, if your enemies are pinned inside somewhere, this weapon is best for clearing out the rat infestation.

Salvo EPL Upgrades

  • Magazine Size: 5; 6; 7; 8; 9
  • Damage: 25; 25; 25; 25; 31


Skybreaker is similar to a rocket launcher but it shoots one large orb of energy at a time. The orb is a slow-moving projectile, you can use the Teleport to shoot yourself into the air before firing this weapon. The Skybreaker is really powerful when fired from above.

Skybreaker Upgrades

  • Maximum Damage: 50; 57; 65; 72; 80


Unlike the Skybreaker, the Komodo fires fast-moving projectiles. Its blast radius does flat damage to the enemy or in an area of effect. The best way to use this weapon is to fire it from above to cover more ground and get an edge over the enemy. You can combine this with the Teleport hack.

Komodo Upgrades

Magazine Size: 3; 4; 5; 6; 7

Damage: 20; 20; 20; 20; 25

These were all of the weapons Hyper Scape and based on the information we provided it shouldn’t be hard to figure which ones are the best to use.

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