Hydroneer has its own economy that the player can benefit from. You can sell items to get some cash in your hands and in this guide, we will discuss what items you can sell in Hydroneer and how selling works.

Hydroneer Selling – How to Sell Items

It should be noted that not every item in the game can be sold. There is only a select list of items eligible for selling in Hydroneer. You can sell the following items.

Gold Ore and How to Get

Gold Ore is an item in Hydroneer, one of the most valuable ones for sure. You can get Gold Ore from the ground by processing dirt. The size of the ore will always depend on where you manage to dig dirt but as of update 1.1, the spawn rate for Gold Ore is about 50%. There is a good chance you will get Gold Ore from the majority of your digging efforts. Gold Ore is one of the items you can sell in Hydroneer.

Iron Ore and How to Get

Iron Ore is another sellable item in the game and its spawn rate, as of update 1.1, is around 35%. You can get Iron Ore from processing dirt, just like the Gold Ores.

Gold Bars and How to Get

Unlike Gold Ore and Iron Ore, this item can’t be obtained by processing dirt. You need to craft this item by melting gold ore in the crucible. You can turn gold bars into gold rings and gold necklaces.

Iron Bars and How to Get

Similar to Gold Bars you can’t get this item by processing dirt.  You can melt iron ore in the crucible to get yourself Iron Bars.

Gems and How to Get

In Hydroneer there are 3 gems you can get by processing dirt. We have Emeralds, Sapphire, and Rubies. Unlike other items, gems have a very low chance of dropping. As for update 1.1, there is only a 3.3% chance.

In addition to these items, all items made on the Anvil are available for selling in Hydroneer. You can sell items by visiting the selling table available in towns. Place the item you want to sell on the table and press the highlighted button to get your money. These tables have a “sell” sign next to them, very easy to spot.

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