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Hunt Showdown Hidden Achievements – Unlock All


Hunt: Showdown is out now and there are plenty of hidden achievements that you can unlock in the game. You will need to get these trophies in order to complete the game 100%. Here’s how you can acquire the unseen and unknown Hunt: Showdown Hidden Achievements.

How To Unlock All Hunt Showdown Hidden Achievements

The following achievements are secret and will remain hidden in the trophies list until you unlock them. Since not everyone has the time to experiment with the game, the table below is highly useful to cut down on the time and effort for earning the platinum.

Playing Tonight: Buddy BoldenPlay piano and gramophone in one mission.
Trinity Of PainBe on fire, poisoned, and bleeding at the same time.
Simmer Down, Hothead!Kill immolator without enraging him.
Eeny, Melee, Miny, MoeKill any boss with melee weapon. You can try this easily on The Butcher boss enemy.
ClairvoyantFind a boss without any clues.
Do Not DisturbHide in the toilet. Simply move into any outhouse and close the door.
Louisiana Fried ChickenBurn 50 chickens.
Throw Hammer or RunKill enemy hunter by throwing a hammer.
Battering RamDestroy 50 doors. You can do this by using a melee weapon like sledgehammer or axe.
Convalescent HomeRetire 50 hunters.
Master HeadhunterRecruit 100 hunters.

Unlocking Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden

To unlock the “Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to play both a gramophone and a piano in a single mission. This task is relatively straightforward and can be accomplished in any round of the game. However, not every compound in the game has both a gramophone and a piano, so players may need to search multiple locations or be familiar with where these items typically spawn.

A useful tip is that the piano is often found at the Healing-Waters Church. As for the gramophone, it appears to spawn more frequently than the piano. While undertaking this task, players should remain cautious, as activating these musical instruments can attract the attention of hostile hunters. The sound made by these instruments can give away your position, making you a target for other players in the game.

Unlocking Trinity of Pain

To unlock the “Trinity of Pain” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” you need to simultaneously be on fire, poisoned, and bleeding. There are several ways to achieve this unique combination of status effects.

One effective method is to use the environment to your advantage. Most large named locations in the game have yellow Poison Barrels. You can set up a scenario where you get bleeding, poisoned, and on fire all at once. For example, you could place a bear trap next to a Poison Barrel, step on the trap to induce bleeding, then shoot the Poison Barrel, and finally throw a Fire Bomb at your feet. This will cause all three conditions to be met, thus unlocking the achievement. Be aware that this method will likely result in the death of your hunter, so you may want to use a lower-tier hunter or perform this before level 11 to avoid significant loss.

Alternatively, if playing in co-op, your partner can help by using an edged weapon to cause bleeding, a poison crossbow or poison bomb for poisoning, and then a fire bomb for the fire effect. However, be cautious as being on fire can make it difficult to be revived by a partner​.

Unlocking Summer Down, Hothead!

To unlock the “Simmer Down, Hothead!” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must kill an Immolator without causing it to explode. Immolators are unique enemies in the game that will burst into flames and explode when damaged by sharp or piercing attacks. Therefore, the key to this achievement is to use “blunt” attacks.

You can use dusters or the butt of your gun to hit the Immolator. These are considered blunt attacks and will not cause the Immolator to explode. The Immolator usually requires 4 to 5 hits to be killed, and it’s recommended to aim for the face for more effective hits.

If you find an axe or sledge hammer in the game, these tools can also be used for blunt attacks. Three hits with either of these weapons should be sufficient to kill the Immolator.

If you have a knuckle knife, you can use it for light attacks on the Immolator. Similarly, the stock of your current weapon can be used as long as it’s not sharp. These methods are also effective in avoiding an explosion while killing the Immolator.

Unlocking Eeny, Melee, Miny, Moe

To unlock the “Eeny, Melee, Miny, Moe” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must kill a contract target using a melee attack. This achievement, worth 15 Gamerscore, requires a strategic approach to taking down one of the game’s bosses with close-quarters combat.

The Butcher is often considered the easiest target for this achievement due to its vulnerability to melee attacks. This boss takes more damage from melee weapons compared to others, making it an ideal target for this challenge.

Before attempting a melee kill, weaken the boss using conventional weapons. Bring the boss’s health down to a point where a few melee hits will finish it off. This method reduces the risk and time spent in close combat with the boss.

Use effective melee weapons like an axe or a sledgehammer. These weapons deal significant damage and can help you quickly dispatch the boss once it’s weakened. In a co-op scenario, coordinate with your partner to bring the boss down to low health before you move in for the melee kill​.

Unlocking Clairvoyant

To unlock the “Clairvoyant” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” you need to locate a contract target without investigating any clues. This achievement is valued at 10 Gamerscore and requires either a strong familiarity with the game’s maps and potential target locations or a bit of luck. Successfully unlocking this achievement demonstrates a deep understanding of the game’s environment and mechanics, or it could be a result of fortuitous exploration. It’s a challenge that tests your knowledge of the game’s world and your ability to navigate it efficiently.

Unlocking Do Not Disturb

To unlock the “Do Not Disturb” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to hide in an outhouse on the map. An outhouse in the game is depicted as an older-style toilet located outside, usually a brown wooden structure with a symbol on the door. To achieve this, simply enter any outhouse and close the door behind you. It’s recommended to stay inside for about 10 seconds before exiting. Keep in mind that achievements in the game might be delayed in registering, so the achievement notification could pop up sometime after completing the action.

Outhouses can be found in almost all compounds across the map, with a particularly high concentration in Fort Carmick. This achievement is straightforward and can be achieved relatively easily once you locate an outhouse​.

Unlocking Louisiana Fried Chicken

To unlock the “Louisiana Fried Chicken” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” you need to burn 50 chicken coops. These coops can be found throughout the game’s maps, and they are kennels that may contain chickens, dogs, or nothing. If a kennel has or had animals inside, it will be painted red, while those that never contained animals remain unpainted. Each kennel has a lantern above it, which you can shoot to burn the contents inside. It’s not necessary to use fire bombs or find lanterns to pick up; shooting the lantern above the kennel will do the trick.

For an efficient approach, you can play during early morning hours (4am to 8am) in your server region, as there will likely be fewer players online. Additionally, the spawn points of these coops are fixed, but their appearance in a game is random. So, if you find a coop with chickens, make sure to burn it. Remember, each kennel is a distinct entity, and dogs and chickens are not interchangeable within them.

Unlocking Throw Hammer or Run

To unlock the “Throw Hammer or Run” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” you need to kill an enemy hunter by throwing a hammer at them. The key to achieving this lies in the use of the ‘Tomahawk’ trait, which becomes available at Bloodline Rank 45 and allows you to throw hammers and axes picked up during a match. This trait costs 2 upgrade points and can also be found on a randomly recruited hunter even if you haven’t unlocked it yet.

  1. Skill-Based Method: This requires finding a sledgehammer (which is specifically required for this achievement) in and around buildings, and then throwing it at another player. The challenge here is that a sledgehammer hit may not instantly kill the opponent, especially if they are in good health, so this method requires both skill and a bit of luck.
  2. Boosting Method: This method involves coordinating with a friend or another player to join the same match. You can do this by selecting the same server region and starting matchmaking simultaneously. Once in the match, agree on a meeting point, typically away from common PvP areas. It usually takes two thrown hammers to kill a player who is in full health.

Unlocking Battering Ram

To unlock the “Battering Ram” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” your objective is to break down 50 wooden doors found in any compound. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by using an axe or a sledgehammer. These tools can be found randomly within most buildings or even outside them. Once you have one of these tools, your task is to destroy every wooden door you come across.

Here are some tips for completing this achievement:

  1. Tool Selection: Use an axe or sledgehammer for maximum efficiency. These tools are effective in breaking down doors quickly.
  2. Compound Hopping: To speed up the process, you can move from one compound to another, breaking down doors as you go. This approach helps you find more doors in a shorter amount of time.
  3. Stealth and Caution: Be aware of your surroundings and other players. The noise from smashing doors can attract attention, so ensure there are no other players nearby who might hear you.
  4. Quickplay Mode: Consider doing this achievement in Quickplay mode. This way, you can focus on breaking doors without affecting your Bounty Hunt stats. In Quickplay, you still have access to the necessary tools and can find plenty of doors to destroy.

Unlocking Convalescent Home

To unlock the “Convalescent Home” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” you need to retire 25 hunters. The key requirement for retiring a hunter is that they must reach at least level 25. Once a hunter attains this level, the option to retire them becomes available. This process contributes to your overall experience and helps in boosting your bloodline rank. Moreover, retiring a hunter ensures that you don’t lose a high-level hunter with good equipment in a round.

Unlocking Master Headhunter

This marks the end of our Hunt: Showdown Hidden Achievements guide. You can also check out our full Hunt Showdown Achievements list for more trophies. You can use the list if you are interested in completing the game 100%. If you are playing the game on PC and are getting some errors or bugs then check out our guide on all the different fixes that you can use to run the game better. If you are having trouble with one of the monsters in the game then be sure to check out our monsters guide.

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