Hunt: Showdown has plenty of achievements that you can unlock and this is a complete roadmap featuring tips to help you unlock every achievement. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to the bayous of Louisiana, this guide aims to assist you in unlocking some of the most sought-after achievements in the game, including Hidden achievements.


Hunt Showdown Achievements Guide

A few of the achievements, as of now are reported to be bugged, as per the Steam community. We hope the developers can release a quick patch fix for the issues. Till then, here are all the achievements to be unlocked in  Hunt: Showdown.

How To Unlock 7 Days Later Achievement

To unlock the “7 Days Later” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to complete a weekly challenge. This achievement is a way to engage players in the game’s ongoing activities and offers a structured goal to work towards on a weekly basis.

Weekly challenges in “Hunt: Showdown” are tasks or objectives that change each week. These challenges provide specific goals that players can complete within the timeframe of a week.

You can find the weekly challenges under the lobby tab in the game. This section will list the current challenge(s) available for you to complete. Engage in the game and focus on fulfilling the requirements of the weekly challenge. The nature of these challenges can vary, so it’s important to adapt your playstyle accordingly.

Once you have completed the challenge, you need to claim it. This is usually done through the same menu where you found the challenge.

How To Unlock All In A Day’s Work Achievement

To unlock the “All In A Day’s Work” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must complete a daily challenge. These challenges provide specific objectives that need to be accomplished within a day. Once you are in the main menu of the game, click on the Lobby, which is where you would typically go for matchmaking.

In the Lobby, you will find both daily and weekly challenges listed, along with their specific requirements. These challenges are updated daily and offer a range of tasks to complete.

Focus on fulfilling the requirements of the daily challenge. The nature of these challenges can vary greatly, so it’s important to adapt your playstyle to meet the specific objectives. You can track your progress on the particular challenge from the same menu. For example, if the challenge is to kill a certain number of a specific type of enemy, like Hives, you will see a progress indicator (e.g., killing 5/10 Hives).

How To Unlock Battering Ram Achievement

To unlock the “Battering Ram” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players are required to break 50 doors within the game. The main objective for this achievement is to break a total of 50 doors throughout your gameplay.

You can achieve this by using melee weapons like knuckle dusters, machetes, swords, or other tools. Attacking the doors with these weapons will break them. Depending on the strength of the weapon, it may take between 2 to 5 hits to break a door.

Besides melee weapons, doors can also be destroyed using dynamite, guns, or hammers. This offers flexibility in how you choose to complete the achievement, depending on your play style and the equipment you have at your disposal.

While the task is straightforward, it requires time and effort as you need to break a significant number of doors. This achievement may take multiple gameplay sessions to complete.

How To Unlock Bloodline Peak Achievement

To unlock the “Bloodline Peak” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to achieve Bloodline rank 100.

Progressing through Bloodline ranks is achieved by accumulating experience points (XP). These can be earned by completing contracts, killing monsters and players, and achieving various in-game objectives.

A strategic way to progress faster in Bloodline ranks is by retiring hunters. When you retire a hunter at level 50, you gain an immediate 5,000 XP boost. This can significantly speed up your journey to reaching rank 100.

How To Unlock Centennial Contractor Achievement

To unlock the “Centennial Contractor” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players are required to complete 100 Bounty Hunt contracts.

The core requirement for this achievement is to successfully complete 100 Bounty Hunt contracts. These contracts are the main missions in “Hunt: Showdown,” where players are tasked with tracking down and eliminating bosses, then extracting with the bounty.

Regular play and a consistent focus on the game’s objectives are crucial. Each completed contract brings you closer to the achievement. The process might be time-consuming, but it will come naturally from playing the game.

Successfully extracting from the map with the bounty is essential for contract completion. If you are playing in a team and both you and your partner manage to extract with a bounty each, it will count as two contracts towards the achievement.

How To Unlock Clairvoyant Achievement

To unlock the “Clairvoyant” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to locate a contract target without investigating any clue. Achieving this requires players to either be extremely familiar with the game’s maps and possible target locations or to rely on a bit of luck.

How To Unlock Convalescent Home Achievement

To unlock the “Convalescent Home” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” you need to retire 25 hunters. To retire a hunter, they must reach at least level 25. This process is independent of your overall Bloodline level. Retiring a hunter not only contributes to the achievement but also earns you experience points. Furthermore, retiring high-level hunters can be a strategic move, as it boosts your Bloodline rank and ensures you don’t risk losing a well-equipped hunter in a round.

A tip for focusing on this achievement is to consider doing it after completing the “Five-Ace Hand” achievement, which involves having five level 50 hunters at the same time. By systematically leveling up your hunters and retiring them upon reaching level 25, you can efficiently work towards both achievements.

How To Unlock Deadeye Achievement

To unlock the “Deadeye” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must achieve 100 headshot kills on enemy hunters. Each successful headshot kill on an enemy hunter counts towards this achievement. Notably, if an enemy hunter is revived and you manage to headshot them again, it will count as an additional entry towards the achievement.

In terms of strategy, different weapons cater to various playstyles and ranges. For long-range engagements, sniper rifles are highly effective, while at short to medium distances, pistols with stocks can be remarkably efficient. The key to success lies in precision and taking advantage of opportunities for headshots during gameplay.

As for tips on achieving this, there is no specific way to fast-track the process, but consistent gameplay focusing on headshots is the main approach. Some players opt for finding a “boosting buddy” and joining lower population servers to facilitate easier headshot opportunities. This method involves coordination with another player to safely land headshots without the pressure of regular competitive play. Additionally, reviving partners and then landing headshots can be an effective way to incrementally increase your headshot count​.

How To Unlock Debut Achievement

To unlock the “Debut” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to achieve a specific milestone in the game. This achievement is earned by killing your first enemy Hunter. This task is a fundamental part of the gameplay in “Hunt: Showdown,” where players often engage in combat with other hunters. Successfully eliminating an enemy hunter for the first time will unlock this achievement.

How To Unlock Do Not Disturb Achievement

To unlock the “Do Not Disturb” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must perform a simple yet unique action within the game. This achievement is unlocked by hiding in an outhouse.

An outhouse in “Hunt: Showdown” is depicted as an older-style toilet located outside, typically a brown wooden structure with a distinct symbol on the door. To achieve this, players need to enter any outhouse on the map, go inside, and close the door. It’s recommended to stay inside for about 10 seconds before exiting. Achievements in the game may sometimes appear delayed, so it might take a little while for the achievement to pop up after completing the action.

Outhouses can be found in almost all compounds of the map, with a notably high concentration in Fort Carmick. Therefore, players should explore these areas to find an outhouse and complete this achievement.

How To Unlock Easier than Mining Sulphur Achievement

To unlock the “Easier than Mining Sulphur” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to engage in specific activities within the game’s Quickplay mode. The achievement is achieved by absorbing at least 250 energy from the Wellspring in a Quickplay match.

Quickplay is more akin to a Battle Royale mode than the Bounty Hunt mode. Players start with a random weapon and must be the first to collect four rifts to activate the Wellspring. The Wellspring’s energy pool constantly decreases from the beginning of the game, and players can pick up additional weapons and equipment from blue and white striped boxes typically found near rifts or inside buildings.

The main goal is to activate the Wellspring while it still has at least 250 energy in the pool and absorb this energy. If you’re the sole player in the game or all other players have died, you’ll instantly absorb all remaining energy upon activating the Wellspring.

Starting with a melee loadout is advisable. Weapons like the machete and cavalry sabre are effective and allow for more stealth as they don’t produce loud gunshot noises. This reduces the likelihood of being tracked and killed by other players.

How To Unlock Eeny, Melee, Miny, Moe Achievement

To unlock the “Eeny, Melee, Miny, Moe” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to complete a specific task during their gameplay. This achievement is earned by killing any contract target with a melee attack. It’s worth noting that the contract targets in the game are the boss enemies.

Each boss in the game has different vulnerabilities and resistances. The Butcher boss is known to be more susceptible to melee attacks compared to others, making it a preferred target for this achievement​.

To achieve this, you should first dwindle the chosen boss’s health until it is almost depleted. Once the boss is significantly weakened, use a melee attack to finish it off. This approach reduces the risk and makes it more feasible to kill the boss with a melee attack.

The choice of melee weapon can be crucial. While the game offers various melee weapons, selecting one that deals significant damage and suits your playstyle is advisable. This could be anything from a heavy axe to a more nimble knife, depending on your preference and the situation.

How To Unlock Fifty Shades of Survival Achievement

To unlock the “Fifty Shades of Survival” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to reach a specific level with their hunter. This achievement is unlocked when a player gets a Hunter to level 50.

The primary task is to level up a hunter to level 50. This requires gaining experience points (XP) through various activities within the game. Playing matches, completing objectives, and killing both monsters and enemy hunters contribute to this XP gain​.

To ensure your hunter survives until level 50, adopt a more passive and strategic approach to gameplay. Avoid high-risk gunfights and try to escape with the bounty when possible, as successfully extracting with the bounty offers a significant XP boost​.

If you find yourself alone in a game, take the opportunity to kill as many AI mobs as possible. Grunts, Hives, Hellhounds, and other creatures all provide XP, helping you reach level 50 faster.

Joining the official “Hunt: Showdown” Discord server to find a group can be beneficial. Playing with a team that communicates effectively can increase your chances of survival and success in matches, leading to more XP gains​.

Choosing a server region where it’s early morning (around 4am to 8am) can result in fewer players in your matches, potentially making it easier to survive and gain XP. Playing in duo mode is also advised, as it allows for a balance of challenge and opportunity.

How To Unlock First Come, First Served Achievement

To unlock the “First Come, First Served” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to accomplish a specific objective within the Quickplay mode of the game. This achievement is achieved by being the first to activate the Wellspring in a Quickplay match.

The key to this achievement is speed. You need to collect four wells (clues) as quickly as possible to activate the Wellspring. This involves running from one rift to another and avoiding engagement with other players to ensure you reach the Wellspring first​.

Utilize the dark sense (right bumper on consoles) at the start of the game to locate the blue clues. This ability helps in finding the closest rifts to start the process of activating the Wellspring.

Playing during off-peak hours, particularly in a server region where it is early morning (around 4am to 8am), can significantly reduce the number of players in the game. This increases your chances of being the first to activate the Wellspring as there will be fewer competitors.

How To Unlock Five-Ace Hand Achievement

To unlock the “Five-Ace Hand” achievement in Hunt: Showdown, you need to have five hunters at level 50 in your roster at the same time. This requires careful gameplay, as you must level up each of these hunters to 50 without losing them in a round or retiring them prematurely.

Avoid high-risk engagements, especially when your hunter is nearing level 50. Extract from the map if you’re low on health or lack information about other hunters.

When you’re the last hunter on the map, kill as many monsters as possible and aim to extract with both bounties for faster leveling.

Change your region to Oceania, especially during off-peak hours, to increase the likelihood of being in a less populated match. This reduces the risk of encountering other players, allowing you to focus on leveling up your hunter.

Even on US East/West servers, playing early in the morning can result in matches with fewer players.

How To Unlock In the Footsteps of Flaxman Low Achievement

To unlock the “In the Footsteps of Flaxman Low” achievement in Hunt: Showdown, you need to investigate 250 clues. These clues are essential in leading you to the boss lair, where the bounty is located.

Be aware that a clue will glow red if an enemy hunter is within a 30-meter range. This can help you avoid unwanted engagements.

You can identify if a clue has already been investigated by another hunter if its surface appears as a black hole, instead of having white cracks.

The achievement counts clues investigated either by you or your team members. So, playing in a team can speed up the process of achieving this.

How To Unlock Initiation Complete Achievement

To unlock the “Initiation Complete” achievement in Hunt: Showdown, you need to complete the Trainee Mode by reaching the Bloodline rank of 11. This is a straightforward progression-based achievement, and you will unlock it as part of your natural gameplay progression. However, it’s important to note that once you have reached this rank, your hunter will be at risk of being lost forever if killed during the game.

How To Unlock Jack of All Trades Achievement

To unlock the “Jack of All Trades” achievement in “Hunt Showdown,” you need to focus on a hunter’s perks. The achievement is achieved by having 15 traits on a hunter at the same time.

ou should aim to reach level 50 with a hunter. At level 50, you will have accumulated enough skill points to add 15 perks to your hunter’s loadout. Keep an eye on the full list of your perks at the bottom of the hunter screen to track your progress.

It’s possible to have 15 perks active even before reaching level 50. To do this, focus on buying cheaper perks that cost around 1-3 skill points each. However, it’s important to balance the speed of acquiring perks with their usefulness. Perks like fanning, doctor, etc., are more crucial for gameplay, so you might not want to ignore them for the sake of cheaper options.

If you’re aiming to unlock this achievement quickly, you can choose traits with the lowest cost for your hunter. However, this approach may result in a less powerful hunter, so it’s recommended to unlock this achievement gradually with better traits for a more balanced gameplay experience.

How To Unlock Live to Fight Another Day Achievement

The “Live to Fight Another Day” achievement in “Hunt Showdown” is unlocked by surviving a Quickplay match. This means you must be the last player standing at the end of the match, having depleted the last energy points​.

How To Unlock Lone Wolf Achievement

To unlock the “Lone Wolf” achievement in “Hunt Showdown,” you need to kill 50 contract targets solo. The primary requirement for this achievement is to land the final blow on 50 contract targets. It’s important to note that these kills must be made by you personally.

Interestingly, you don’t necessarily have to play solo to earn this achievement. You can still play with a teammate or even in trios. The key factor is that you must be the one to deliver the killing blow to the boss. If you’re playing with others, it might be a good idea to inform them that you’re aiming for this achievement, so they allow you the final hit​.

While playing with friends or teammates, they can assist you in weakening the boss. A recommended approach to quickly defeating bosses is to use a spear combined with adrenaline, focusing on delivering the final hit yourself. This strategy can be particularly effective and efficient​.

How To Unlock Louisiana Fried Chicken Achievement

To unlock the “Louisiana Fried Chicken” achievement in “Hunt Showdown,” you need to burn 50 chicken coops. These coops can contain either chickens or dogs or sometimes nothing. The coops with chickens are your target for this achievement.

You can identify a coop that contains or contained chickens because it will be painted red. If a coop was never occupied in that match, it will not be painted. The locations of these coops are fixed, but the spawn of chickens inside them is random.

Contrary to what some might think, you don’t need to pack fire bombs or find lanterns to burn the chickens. Each chicken coop has a lantern hanging above it. Simply shooting this lantern will set the coop on fire. However, recent discussions suggest that using hand lanterns found around the map may be the only effective way to progress towards the achievement.

A helpful strategy to optimize your achievement progress is to choose a server region where it’s early morning (between 4 am and 8 am), as there will be fewer players. This can be done in Quickplay mode if you don’t want to risk impacting your stats negatively.

How To Unlock Master Headhunter Achievement

Unlocking the “Master Headhunter” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown” is a straightforward but time-consuming process.

Steps to Unlock:

  1. Recruitment Process: You need to recruit at least 100 hunters. Recruiting involves selecting and adding hunters to your roster.
  2. Free and Paid Options: There’s always one free hunter available, but others, especially those with better gear, will cost you in-game currency.
  3. Retiring or Losing Hunters: You can retire a hunter or lose them during a game. After either of these events, recruit a new hunter.
  4. Refresh Recruitment: After playing one or two games and buying at least two hunters from the store, you can refresh the recruitment section. This allows you to choose new hunters, which is beneficial for the achievement and if the loadouts of the available hunters don’t fit your playstyle​.

Always take advantage of the free hunter available to save your in-game currency. Consider retiring hunters rather than losing them in a game, as this may be more beneficial in the long run. Regularly refreshing the recruitment pool can provide you with better-suited hunters and speeds up the process of unlocking the achievement.

Focus on recruiting and using hunters effectively in each game. Retire them when they’ve served their purpose to make room for new recruits.

How To Unlock Monstrous Bibliophile Achievement

To unlock the “Monstrous Bibliophile” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown”, you need to unlock 25 entries in the Book of Monsters. You can find the Book of Monsters in the main menu of the game, located on the far right.

Kill any type of monster in either Bounty Hunt or Quickplay modes (including Grunts, Hellhounds, Hives, Meatheads, Immolators, Water Devils).

After killing monsters, ensure you unlock the next phase of each entry in the menu. This is essential as your kills will not count towards the next stage unless you do this.

Read the requirements for each weapon in the Library -> Book of Monsters and click on “Unlock”. Repeat this process 25 times to get the achievement.

How To Unlock On The Nose Achievement

To unlock the “On The Nose” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” you need to focus on achieving 150 headshots on monsters. Aim for the heads of monsters in the game, especially ones that are easier to kill with a headshot, such as Grunts and Hives.

Clearing other hunters from the map gives you more freedom to roam and target monsters. Use the entire map to find and kill as many monsters with headshots as possible.

How To Unlock Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden Achievement

To unlock the “Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to interact with both a piano and a gramophone within a single mission.

This achievement is part of the game’s hidden achievements and requires players to locate these musical instruments that spawn in various areas of the map. The key is to find and play both the piano and the gramophone during the same mission. It’s important to note that these instruments do not necessarily have to be found and played in the same area but must be activated within the same mission.

How To Unlock Regards from John L. Sullivan Achievement

To unlock the “Regards from John L. Sullivan” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players are required to eliminate 150 Grunts using the dusters. The dusters are a type of melee weapon in the game, essentially serving as brass knuckles.

Before starting a mission, ensure your hunter has a pair of dusters in their loadout. The dusters are available in the tool section of the store, not in weapons, and can be unlocked at bloodline rank 20 or higher.

During the mission, look for Grunts roaming around the swamps of Bayou and eliminate them using the dusters. Grunts are common enemies in the game, so finding them should not be too difficult.

Sometimes, when you hire a free hunter, they will automatically have the dusters in their equipment slot. This can be particularly useful if you haven’t reached the required bloodline rank to unlock them yet.

To make the process more efficient and less risky to your stats, consider playing during early morning hours (4 am to 8 am) when fewer players are active. You can also accomplish this in quickplay mode.

How To Unlock Sealed and Secured Achievement

To unlock the “Sealed and Secured” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to close a total of 250 rifts in Quickplay matches. This is a cumulative achievement, meaning that players can work towards it over multiple matches until they reach the goal of closing 250 rifts.

As the achievement is specifically tied to Quickplay matches, you should focus your efforts in this mode. Quickplay matches generally have a faster pace and are centered around finding and closing rifts.

Consider playing during early morning hours (around 4 am to 8 am) in your chosen server region. Fewer players are usually online during these hours, which might make it easier to find and close rifts without too much opposition.

Since the achievement requires closing a large number of rifts, it’s important to be persistent and patient. Your progress towards the achievement is cumulative, so every rift closed gets you one step closer.

How To Unlock Sightseeing in the South Achievement

To unlock the “Sightseeing in the South” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must visit every named location on the Lawson Delta map during a single match. This can be done in either Quickplay or Bounty Hunt modes. The game will display the name of each area as you enter it, which helps you keep track of the locations you’ve visited. However, there’s no in-game checklist, so it’s crucial to remember which locations you have already been to.

Here is the list of all locations in Lawson Delta that you need to visit:

  • Arden Parish
  • Blanc Brinery
  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks
  • C&A Lumber
  • Fort Carmick
  • Godard Docks
  • Golden Acres
  • Hemlock and Hide
  • Iron Works
  • Lawson Station
  • Maw Battery
  • Nicholls Prison
  • Salter’s Pork
  • Sweetbell Flour
  • Windy Run
  • Wolfshead Arsenal​

It’s important to note that this achievement may be buggy for some players. If you have visited all locations and the achievement does not unlock, try quitting the game and relaunching it.

How To Unlock Simmer Down, Hothead! Achievement

To unlock the “Simmer Down, Hothead!” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to kill an immolator without causing it to explode. This requires a specific approach since immolators are prone to bursting into flames when attacked with certain weapons or tactics.

Immolators won’t explode or burst into flame if you use blunt attacks. Suitable methods include using dusters, the butt of a gun, or punching. It is essential to avoid using knifing, gunfire, or stabbing with bladed weapons as these will cause the immolator to explode.

Typically, you will need to hit the immolator at least 4 to 5 times with a blunt attack to take it down. It is recommended to aim for punching in the face as this can be an effective tactic to quickly incapacitate the immolator.

For a more efficient approach, players can use dusters. By running up to an immolator and hitting it 3-5 times quickly with the dusters, you should be able to kill it without triggering an explosion.

It’s critical to remember that the achievement specifically requires the immolator to be killed without enraging it into exploding. So, maintaining the use of blunt force and being cautious about your attack method is key to successfully unlocking this achievement.

How To Unlock Swamp Tourist Achievement

To unlock the “Swamp Tourist” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must visit every location in the Stillwater Bayou map within a single mission.

The achievement does not require you to fully explore or enter each location. Instead, you just need to be close enough to each location so that the name of the area appears on your screen. This means you can stay on the outskirts of each area, making your travel across the map more efficient and potentially safer.

To make this achievement easier, consider playing on a server with fewer players, particularly during off-peak hours. This can reduce the chances of encountering other players and allow you to travel between locations more freely. Early morning hours (around 4 am to 8 am) are typically less populated.

Before beginning the mission, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Stillwater Bayou map. Plan a route that efficiently covers all the locations. Consider starting at one end of the map and systematically making your way to the other end.

How To Unlock Throw Hammer or Run Achievement

To unlock the “Throw Hammer or Run” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must kill an enemy Hunter by throwing a sledgehammer at them. This can be a challenging achievement to earn due to the difficulty of accurately throwing a sledgehammer at an enemy Hunter and ensuring it’s a killing blow.

One effective method is to team up with friends or other players seeking the same achievement. You can try to enter the same match by choosing the same server region and synchronizing the start of matchmaking. Once in the same match, meet at a predetermined location, preferably away from other players, and take turns throwing the sledgehammer at each other. This approach requires coordination and trust but can be an efficient way to unlock the achievement.

Acquiring the Tomahawk trait for your hunter can be beneficial, as it allows you to throw melee weapons. This can be done either by purchasing a legendary hunter that comes with this trait or upgrading a hunter with the purchased trait. This will enhance your ability to throw the sledgehammer effectively.

Consider attempting this achievement in Quick Play or using a free hunter in Bounty Hunt mode. This way, you avoid risking your high-value hunters while trying to achieve this task.

How To Unlock To The Bitter End Achievement

To unlock the “To The Bitter End” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” a player must be the last Hunter standing in a Quickplay match. This achievement is valued at 50 Gamerscore.

In a Quickplay match, players compete against each other to find clues, close rifts, and absorb energy to boost their power. The goal is to be the sole survivor at the end of the match. Strategies for achieving this can vary, but generally involve a combination of stealth, combat skills, and effective use of gear and abilities. Being cautious and aware of other players’ positions and movements is crucial. Players often need to adapt their tactics based on the dynamics of each match, as survival is key.

How To Unlock Trinity Of Pain Achievement

To unlock the “Trinity Of Pain” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” you need to simultaneously be on fire, poisoned, and bleeding. This achievement is one of the game’s secret or hidden challenges. It requires a specific set of conditions to be met in the game.

You should equip your hunter with a Fire Bomb and a Poison Bomb. These items will be essential in fulfilling the achievement’s requirements.

The next step involves finding an enemy that can inflict bleeding on you. This could be any enemy capable of causing this type of damage.

Once you find such an enemy, you need to purposefully get hit by them to cause bleeding.After ensuring you are bleeding, quickly use the Fire Bomb and Poison Bomb. You should throw these bombs on the floor near you.The goal is to be on fire, poisoned, and bleeding at the same time. If done correctly, you will unlock the “Trinity Of Pain” achievement.

How To Unlock Vestal Contract Achievement

To unlock the “Vestal Contract” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must complete their first Bounty Hunt contract. From the main menu, choose a random contract, or if available, pick a specific one. This is the starting point of your Bounty Hunt.

Once in the game, your first objective is to locate three clues that will lead you to the boss’s location. These clues are scattered across the map and finding them is essential for progressing in the mission.

After locating the boss, you need to kill it. Killing the boss is only part of the task; you must also banish it. This is done by interacting with the boss’s remains, starting a banishing process that, when completed, leaves behind a bounty.

Once the banishment reaches 100%, a bounty token is left behind. Pick up this bounty token. The next step is to head to an extraction area, which is marked on the map by two arrows pointing towards a center.

Carrying the bounty allows you to briefly detect nearby enemy players. However, this ability has a limited number of uses. Use it cautiously to avoid ambushes as you make your way to the extraction point.

Successfully reaching an extraction point and leaving the map with the bounty in hand will complete the contract. This is the final step in unlocking the “Vestal Contract” achievement.

How To Unlock Weapons Bibliophage Achievement

To unlock the “Weapons Bibliophage” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” you need to unlock 50 entries in the Book of Weapons.

The key to unlocking entries in the Book of Weapons is to gain experience with a wide range of weapons. This includes using them effectively in combat situations against enemy hunters, mobs (such as grunts, hives, etc.), and bosses. Each weapon has specific requirements that need to be met to unlock an entry in the Book of Weapons. For instance, you might need to gain a certain amount of XP with a specific weapon to unlock its entry. This can be done by using the weapon to eliminate various enemies and bosses in the game.

The Book of Weapons can be found in the game’s main menu under the ‘Library’ section. Here you can track your progress with each weapon and see what needs to be done to unlock more entries.

How To Unlock Welcome to Tier 2 Achievement

To unlock the “Welcome to Tier 2” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players need to reach Bloodline rank 34. The Bloodline system is a progression mechanism in the game, and reaching different tiers within it unlocks new equipment and hunters.

Progressing through the Bloodline ranks is based on gaining experience. Experience points (XP) can be earned by completing contracts, killing monsters and enemy players, and achieving various objectives within the game.

Successfully completing Bounty Hunt contracts is a significant way to gain experience. Each contract completed contributes to your overall Bloodline XP.

In addition to completing contracts, killing both monsters and other players in the game will also yield XP. The more enemies you defeat, the more experience you gain. Quickplay is another mode that allows players to earn experience. This mode can be a faster way to accumulate XP, as it often involves more combat and less time than the standard Bounty Hunt mode.

As you accumulate experience and complete various in-game tasks, your Bloodline rank will increase. Once you reach rank 34, you will unlock Tier 2, and the achievement will be awarded.

It’s important to note that after reaching rank 11, any hunters that die in the game will be lost forever. This makes the game more challenging as you progress, so careful gameplay and strategy become even more crucial as you aim to reach higher Bloodline ranks.

How To Unlock Welcome to Tier 3 Achievement

To unlock the “Welcome to Tier 3” achievement in “Hunt: Showdown,” players must reach Bloodline rank 67. The achievement is earned through natural progression in the game as players accumulate experience and level up their Bloodline rank.

The primary way to advance in Bloodline ranks is by accumulating experience points (XP) in the game. This can be done through various activities such as completing contracts, killing monsters, and defeating other players.

Engaging in and completing Bounty Hunt contracts is a significant source of experience. Successfully completing these contracts contributes to your Bloodline progression.

Killing both monsters and enemy players in the game earns you XP. The more you engage in combat and succeed, the more experience you’ll gain.

As you gather experience and complete in-game objectives, your Bloodline rank will increase. Reaching rank 67 is the goal for unlocking the “Welcome to Tier 3” achievement.

This marks the end of our Hunt: Showdown Achievements Guide