One of the best things about Humankind is that it gives the player complete freedom in how he/she wants to play the game – be it in terms of mods or console commands. There are quite a lot of commands and cheats that the player can use in Humankind to get a range of different effects. In this Humankind guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to enable console and use commands for different effects.

Humankind Console Commands

The first thing that the player will need to do is to activate the console – it is disabled by default.

People who own the game on Steam need to open up the ‘Library’, right-click on Humankind, open ‘Properties’, and go to the ‘General’ menu. Select the ‘Launch Options’ menu and add –enablemoddingtools’ without the apostrophe. As for the people who own the game on either Epic Games Launcher or Microsoft Store, they need to right-click on the Humankind shortcut, open ‘Properties’, and click on ‘Target’. Similar to Steam, add –enablemoddingtools’ without the apostrophe after the ‘humankind.exe’ file.

Once done, restart the client, and start the game. While in the game, the console can be opened by pressing the ~ key – it should be on the left of ‘1’ on most keyboards. Inside this console, the player can input a number of commands for different effects. Please note that we do not have a list of all available console commands as of right now but we will update the guide with more of them in the coming days. Some of them that have been confirmed to work include the following:

  • Block – Mute a player
  • Help – Show a complete list of all available console commands in Humankind
  • Unblock – Unmute a player
  • Whisper – DM another player in the game

This is all we have got in our Humankind Console Commands guide. Feel free to check out our detailed Humankind wiki page.


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