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Humankind Beginner’s Guide: Tips And Tricks To Dominate


If you want to become a legend in Humankind then you are going to need some help. If you are new to this genre then you might be overwhelmed regarding how the game works and the different mechanics. In this Humankind guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that should give the game a bit easier for you.

Humankind Tips And Tricks

The following are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Humankind:

Leader Creation

The AI avatar has plenty of options but when you first play the game you do not have to worry about these as you will be playing the character yourself. The characteristics and traits will come into play when you send the character to fight your friends.

There are 11 options when it comes to Archetypes and these options are going to decide how your character is going to react. These are set to balanced by default but you can change them according to your liking. In the trust category, you can choose whether your character is going to be trusting of other players or wary of them.

You can also select the Strengths of the character. These can be anything from increased unit strength to boosts in production. Biases are the tendencies that your character is going to follow. This can be something like trying to become allies with everyone or building a massive empire.

Neolithic Era

Split Your Armies To Cover More Ground

Once you have enough food, we recommend splitting your Neolithic army into two groups. This will help you cover more land faster and scout ahead. We do recommend sticking them together if you are going to deal with something like Woolly Mammoths. Explore the area around you in order to find a place that is going to be ideal for your capital.

Set Outposts On Rivers

We recommend setting up outposts on rivers when you are exploring new areas. This is going to allow you to cross these bodies of water.

Use Natural Resources To Your Advantage

When you are building a city, pick a location with natural defenses. Placing your city close to mountains is going to keep it safe and act as a natural defense in case of an attack.

Claim Treasures And Riches

Claim lands and waters that have resources in order to fill your coffers.

Use Farmers Quarter To Increase Your Population And Productivity

Use farmer’s quarters, this is going to increase food production, which is going to increase your population faster. This increases your productivity.

Turn On The Auto-Explore Feature

Once you have completed 100 turns, we recommend you use the auto-explore feature. By this time you will have established your capital and will have claimed the valuable resources that you have in mind.

Research Calendar

Be sure to research the calendar, this is going to allow you to access the artisan quarter. This will allow you to exploit luxury resources.

Use Quarter Synergies

Setting up quarters next to one another can create synergies that provide bonus resources. Keep this in mind when setting up quarters.

Fame And Era Stars

The goal of Humankind is to earn fame and era stars. You can earn fame by completing different objectives and meeting certain conditions. This is the way to win in Humankind. Some objectives can earn you era stars. Once you have earned seven era stars, you can advance to the next era.

Feed The People

Make sure that all of your cities have enough food to feed the people. You can increase the production of your food by using Farmers Quarters. Food is the resource that you should focus on the most. If this goes into negative numbers then this will lead to death and a lower population which is going to reduce productivity.

Influence Is Key

Influence is one of the most important currencies in the game as it is going to allow you to gain more territories and grow your empire. You can earn influence by implement civics, explore new lands and discover technologies. Building some structures in specific strategic locations is also going to earn you influence.

This Is War

When starting a war and choosing a manual battle, you should pick a terrain that is going to give you the advantage. For example, try to have your archers on high ground in order to gain an advantage over the enemy.

When Should You Attack?

You should attack when your population is in favor of a battle and your feel like you will have the upper hand by attacking first. A surprise attack can lead to an easy victory. You do not want to be in a war that drags on forever as you will lose the support of your population.

These are the tips and tricks that we recommend you keep in mind when playing Humankind. To learn more about the game you can check out our guide on the best cultural wonders.

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