How to Use Your Motion Sensor in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia motion sensor

The breakout success of Phasmophobia means a ton of new players are coming and not everyone is aware of how to hunt ghosts. There are different elements of ghost hunting and one of them is using the sensor. In this quick guide, we will explain how to use the sensor in Phasmophobia.

How to Use the Sensor in Phasmophobia

Early on in the game, it is going to be hard to track down ghosts and phantoms. You need to be familiar with each tool at your disposal to successfully track down the ghosts. One of the best ways to track the ghost is by using a motion sensor. You can buy the sensor for $100 which means you need a lot of money before you can get this tool. Each member of your team can get a motion sensor which means about $400. Motion sensors are used on the walls and floors of different rooms.

You can place motions sensors on staircases, hallways, doors, and attic if the map has one. Aggressive ghosts are very easy to spot with the motion sensor as they move around a lot. If you are placing motion sensors on the wall it should be at least at the waist height. Motion sensors go from red to green if something moves around. One of the squad members of the team should stay at the truck to keep an eye on the motion sensors. Whenever a sensor is triggered it gives an audio cue. Once there is a cue inform all members immediately and move to the ghost room.

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