How to Use Vents in Among Us – Enter Vents As Impostor

how to use vents in Among Us

We have covered Among Us extensively in the past few weeks and today will be no different. Among Us is breakout success and PC and mobile devices. Players join forces to flush out the Impostor in Among Us. The highly addictive game gives Crewmates and Impostors just enough tools to get the job done. Playing an Impostor isn’t easy as you are constantly hunted by multiple Crewmates and you have to take them down one by one. Being spotted is the end of the game so you need to make sure you move around the map without causing any suspicion to yourself. Vents are a great way to move around the map so in this guide we will explain how to use vents in Among Us.

Among Us Guide: How to Use Vents

Since your objective as an Impostor is to survive while killing everyone else, it is crucial to use the map to your advantage. Vents are a great way to do this in Among Us. When you’re playing as the Impostor in Among Us you will be able to enter vents. Crewmates can see the entry and exit points of the vents but can’t access them. This means that if you are spotted while entering or exiting the vent you will be marked as an Impostor.

To enter a vent you need to play as an Impostor and use the sabotage button while standing near a vent. Press the sabotage button to use the vent, the same button also lets you exit the vent. Only use a vent if you are alone or in a position where no one can spot you entering the vent.

When you are hiding inside the vent your kill and sabotage cooldowns will pause. Exit these hiding spots to resume the cooldown counters. That’s all you need to know about using vents in Among Us.

If you need help playing as an Impostor check out our Impostor Guide. You can also read through our Crewmates guide to better understand their mechanics and abilities. I hope this guide explains how to use vents in Among Us.

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