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How To Use The Musical Map In Hogwarts Legacy


Using the Musical Map in “Hogwarts Legacy” involves a series of steps that lead to the discovery of hidden treasures. The treasure in question is the Treasure Seeker’s Outfit and already did a detailed guide on that but to breakdown the topic for you, let’s separately discuss how to use the Musical Map.

The Musical Map is found during the “Rescuing Rococo” quest in Hogwarts Legacy​​. Alternatively, while exploring Henrietta’s Hideaway of Manor Cap, you can find the Musical Map. It triggers the side quest “Solved by the Bell,” involving locating an “X” on the world map​​​​.

Clagmar Castle, located in the Clagmar Coast Region, is the key location for using the Musical Map​​. This castle is a heavily guarded Bandit Camp situated southeast of the center of the Clagmar Coast in the Southern Highlands​​.

If visiting Clagmar Castle for the first time, you’ll encounter enemies that must be dealt with before you can access the Musical Map puzzle​​. Using the Disillusionment Spell could help in evading some defenses, but since you need to use your wand to strike the bells in a specific order, it’s advisable to clear out the castle first​​.

The bells needed for the Musical Map puzzle are located near wooden scaffolding west of the Clagmar Castle’s Floo Flame​​.

The puzzle requires striking the bells in a specific order:

  1. Strike Bell Two
  2. Strike Bell Five
  3. Strike Bell Seven
  4. Strike Bell Six
  5. Strike Bell Five
  6. Strike Bell Nine
  7. Strike Bell Eight
  8. Strike Bell Six​
bells sequence on the Musical Map in Hogwarts Legacy.

The correct sequence of ringing the bells will play a melody recognized by fans of the Harry Potter series and cause a treasure chest to appear​​.

To effectively use the Musical Map, you need the Flipendo spell, a jinx enabling interaction with enchanted objects. This spell is acquired by completing Professor Garlick’s second assignment, which involves using all three combat plants and cultivating a Fluxweed plant​​.

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