While it isn’t recommended that you use proximity chat in Among Us, there are many of you that want it. There is no official plan to release proximity chat in Among Us but you can still use it regardless. Modders have released a new mod that helps you use Proximity Chat in Among Us and below is a complete guide to downloading the mod in question.

How to Download Proximity Chat Mod in Among Us

To use proximity chat in Among Us you need to download the CrewLink mod. The mod allows you to speak with Crewmates close to you and adds a bit more realism to the entire experience. The Proximity Chat mod is currently available to download from GitHub.

Download the mod and use the app to start the game on PC. Join the game or host your own session, have your friends join the same game. Keep in mind that the CrewLink Proximity chat mod is only available for the PC version of Among Us.

As long as your friends are using the same mod and join the same room, it should work just fine. You can see them with a green circle on their heads in the CrewLink app. On the other hand, if another member appears in the same room but isn’t using the CrewLink mod you’ll notice a red circle on their heads.

Last but not least, make sure the mic settings are correct in the app.

What is Proximity Chat?

In case you were wondering how Proximity Chat works, it is fairly simple. When you use the chat with your friends you can hear them when are close to you. The closer you are the better you can hear them. The further you are the quieter the are. Since there is no proximity chat in Among Us and we DO NOT recommend it, a lot of streamers are using it right now and of course, it has an effect on the viewers watching them. If you do want to use this feature make sure you use it with your friends only who won’t ruin and spoil your games.

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