How to Use Power in a Settlement in Fallout 4

Even though you might already have learned the basics of managing a settlement in Fallout 4, managing the power of a settlement in Fallout 4 is pretty tricky. How to use power to lift up your settlement. If your settlement has wires handing all around, which mess up the look and feel of the entire settlement. You can use Power Conduits to activate your generators and power up your settlement in Fallout 4. This is a guide on how to use power to lift up your settlement.

Fallout 4 Settlement Power

First of all, you will need to create a Generator Room. To create a generator room, use two floors, and make walls around them. Keep in mind to make walls on three sides of the generator room, so that you have enough space to work from the open side. After the walls and floors are created, go ahead to place down the generator. We will use a Fusion Generator here.

After placing the generator, connect it to a power source. These can be wires or even a Power Conduit. We will proceed with Power Conduits. To select power conduits, navigate to the Power tab, then to the Conduit section, and locate the Power Conduit there. You need to select the Conduit Wall Pass-Through item from the displayed list.

Power Conduits

The Power Conduits are available on two sides. Small Conduits are regularly used for small-sized walls, that is, of a room. The large Power Conduits are used for warehouse walls, as they are much bigger in size.

After selecting the relative Conduit, you need to place it on the wall. You need to make sure the two pipes are on the outside. These Conduits are used as an alternative to wires, which cause a great mess.

The Power Conduits are a more versatile item, and you can run these against floors or walls, which makes them more blended into the floors or walls. Using Power Conduits is not that effective of a method, but it helps you get rid of those obnoxious wires, which are hanging all around the settlement.

You can use Conduits in several different ways, which is totally your own creativity. All and all this was everything that you needed to know about the Power Conduits and how to use them to power up your generators in Fallout 4.

That’s all we’ve got in how to power in settlement in Fallout 4. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Fallout 4 wiki guides.

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