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How to Use Photo Mode in Kena: Bridge of Spirits


Kena: Bridge of Spirits has its photo mode for players to use and it is as cute as you’d expect it to be. The photo mode is available for you throughout the game, and you can take as many photos of Kena and the Rot as you want. In this guide, we will share the details to help you use the Photo Mode in the Kena Bridge of Spirits.

Kena Bridge of Spirits: How to Use Photo Mode

Photo mode freezes everything on the screen as you activate it. So that you can take the best pictures of the environment, your character, the Rot, or several other characters in the game. However, you can select the option “Resume Action” to make everything in the frame to move and act.

The characters when brought to life during the photo mode will keep their focus towards the camera for you to take seemingly wonderful photos of everything in frame.

There is also a “Cheese” button included for you to press it and all the characters in the frame will say “Cheese!” and pose accordingly for the photo to be taken.

As soon as you hit the button “Cheese!” every character in the frame will pose in its own way and you can then take a great shot.

This is everything that you needed to know on how to use photo mode and the “Cheese!” function. Need more help? See Best Abilities, Fishing Shrine Puzzle Solution, Forgotten Forest Access.

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