An interesting mechanic in Wild Hearts is Karakuri which reminds me of the Fortnite building. It’s a mechanic not seen in games like this, so I felt it is best to explain to RPG players how Karakuri works in Wild Hearts. In this guide, we will go into detail on how to use Karakuri and how to unlock Dragon Karakuri in Wild Hearts.


Karkuri Controls for PC and Consoles

  • PC: Hold Right Mouse Button + Q/C/E/Z
  • PlayStation: Hold L1 + Square/Circle/Triangle/X
  • Xbox: Hold LB + A/B/X/Y

How to Use a Karakuri

To use a Karakuri, stand near it and press the Interact Button. If you’re using a Spring Karakuri, you can jump high up or forward. You can use it to perform ground slam attacks on your enemies; Karakuri is a highly effective tool against bosses like the Ragetail.

Dragon Karakuri

You need Kemono Orbs to unlock the Dragon Karakuri. These are special Karakuri with different types of their own. For example, the Forge Karakuri will allow you to speak with NPCs and purchase items on the go. To use a Dragon Karakuri, you first need to unblock Dragon Pits that are available all around the map.

Dragon Pits will give you the right building materials on Dragon Karakuri. You can find Dragon Pits on the map; look for grey Flame Symbols representing Dragon Karakuri in Wild Hearts.

How to Expand Dragon Pits: To create additional Dragon Karakuri on the map, it’s necessary to enlarge the Dragon Pits in your region. Utilize the materials you gather while traversing the world to augment the allocated resources for each map area.

Types of Dragon Karakuri

  • Flying Karakuri: Shoots a zipline across a great distance.
  • Wind Vortex: Generates a strong upwards wind that can propel players. It can be used in combination with the gliders.
  • Roller: Hunters can catapult a still-moving Roller into the Kemono
  • Paddle Scoop: Used to catch fish.
  • Training Bear: Place a wooden training beer to practice attack combos.
  • Hunting Tower: Detect large Kemono that are in the nearby vicinity

How to Build a Karakuri

There is more than one type of Karakuri available in Wild Hearts. Hold the Conjure, the right mouse button on the PC, and select which Karakuri you want to use. Once select the type of Karakuri you want to use, a Karakuri marker will appear on the ground showing where you can place it.

How to Break the Karakuri

To break your Karakuri, hold the right mouse button and press H. You’ll need to stand right before the Karakuri for this to work. If you’re on the console, hold LB and press the right stick to break Karakuri.

That’s all you need to know; let us know if you have something to add in the comments below.