One of the questions that come to mind when playing victoria is: What is Infamy exactly, and how does it function in this game? Victoria 3 is a strategic video game where player’s aim to conquer different worlds. Infamy stops the individual player from completing the world conquest or even reaching it. However, it’s not uncommon to have confusion around this subject because it is complicated politics that requires careful decision-making.

What is Infamy Exactly And How Does It Work

The simple answer to this question would be that it is an in-game function in Victoria 3 that stops other countries from fierce, violent, and forceful expansion without consequences. In addition, it keeps them from diplomatic actions that might alter the dynamics of that current era.

The first part of this game heavily relies on observation and thinking because by observing your game, even the minor and precise details and changes in your surroundings will hint towards a certain outcome in the game. Infamy is an in-game counter that tells you how many countries you have mocked or outraged until now. It’s obvious because you are ticking off countries worldwide, and going about your day is unrealistic. So to keep a reality check, remember to look at your current infamy. A little flag will be visible on the right corner of the game screen. Just right-click on the flag to open the information menu. Once you’re done opening the info page, you will see the option to check your infamy at that instant.

How to Increase the Level of Infamy

The level of infamy depends on the diplomatic actions you take, which involve getting hold of power and various territories. However, as soon as you take action, you’d be notified of the consequences for them before the storm. One thing to note, though, is that at a very high level of infamy (100), “Pariah” title gets assigned to you, approving that the whole world knows you now. The game tackles this situation by allowing the world’s strong countries or great superpowers to play diplomatically and downgrade you. Although high infamy may seem attractive and assertive, a diplomatic balance in actions keeps you afloat. Keep a check on your infamy levels and keep them in the middle to show that you are merciful (low infamy) but, at the same time, are capable of being dangerous (high infamy). However, if you feel like the other countries are only becoming enemies to yours, go for lower infamy and maintain it there to calm the storm.

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