In the world of Atlas Fallen, Essence Stones play a vital role in shaping the strength and abilities of your character. These stones aren’t just fancy collectibles; they’re the key to giving your character the edge they need in the game’s challenging environment.


Essence Stones can be thought of as skills in Atlas Fallen. When you collect these stones, you’re essentially gathering, equipping, and enhancing different abilities for your character. As you fight enemies, your Momentum Gauge fills up, allowing you to use the powers of certain Essence Stones. To equip these stones, you simply access your gauntlet through the game’s menu. You’ll notice that there are two main shapes for these stones: square and diamond. Square Essence Stones are active, meaning they perform a specific action when used. On the other hand, diamond Essence Stones are passive, providing ongoing benefits without needing activation.

Types of Essence Stones

Essence Stones come in various colors, each with its unique benefits:

  1. Red Stones: These boost your damage output and can add powerful effects against enemies.
  2. Blue Stones: These are related to your Momentum, which is crucial for using active stones.
  3. Purple Stones: They grant you new attack moves.
  4. Yellow Stones: These enhance your defense and provide beneficial buffs.
  5. Green Stones: They improve your healing abilities.

Where to Find Essence Stones

While going through Atlas Fallen, you’ll come across many Essence Stones. Most of them are easy to find as you follow the main storyline. However, it’s a good idea to explore every nook and cranny because some stones are hidden, and there are other collectibles to discover. Some of the more advanced Essence Stones need to be fused with specific resources. For this fusion process, you’ll need an Essence Core, which helps create a brand-new Essence Stone.


Choosing the Right Essence Stones

The best Essence Stones for your character might change as you progress in the game. Later in your adventure, when your character becomes more powerful, it’s a good idea to equip stones that boost damage or add offensive effects. Stones with names like “Slayer” are excellent choices during this phase. There are also stones that increase the speed at which your Momentum Gauge fills up. In the early stages of the game, it’s wise to focus on stones that offer helpful buffs, like the Yellow stones. One standout Yellow stone is the “Sand Barrier,” which forms a protective circle around you, slowing down any enemy that enters it.

In conclusion, Essence Stones are a crucial part of Atlas Fallen. By understanding their types and benefits, and by strategically equipping them, you can ensure your character is well-prepared for any challenge the game throws at you.

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