How to Use Emotes in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys emotes

Emotes will be a huge part of your personality in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Winning in Fall Guys in hard so you defiantly get the bragging rights. Emotes have become a big part of battle royale games and Fall Guys is no different. There are a ton of emotes you can use in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockouts. In this guide, we will explain how to use emotes in Fall Guys and taunt your competitors.

How to Use Emotes in Fall Guys

Emotes aren’t actually called emotes in Fall Guys: Knockout. Emotes are called “Theatrics” in the game. They are your victory dances and posses in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. To use emotes in Fall Guys you need to press the d-pad on PlayStation 4. If you are playing on PC you need to assign emotes to number keys 1,2,3,4. You can assign different emotes to the Theatric wheel. You can assign 4 emotes to the wheel at a time.

At any given time you will have 4 different emotes at your disposal. Of course, you will be able to unlock more emotes. Moreover, the emotes are have rarity levels. On top of emotes, we have costumes to flash your personality. The most popular costume in the game is Steam exclusive Gordon Freeman outfit and head crab. The costume is a pre-order exclusive and at the time of this writing, you only have a few hours left to pre-order the game.

Fall Guys is releasing August 4 on Steam and PlayStation 4. No Xbox One version is announced for the time being but that may change in the future. The developers haven’t discussed a Nintendo Switch version as well so fingers crossed for that one too. For more helpful tips and tricks check out the Fall Guys Wiki page.

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