Microsoft and Ninja Theory’s multiplayer shooter game, Bleeding Edge, is out now. The game follows in the footsteps of Destiny, Fortnite,¬† Black Ops 4 and others with its use of the emotes. In our Bleeding Edge emotes guide we will explain how to use them.

How to Use Emotes

Every fighter in Bleeding Edge comes with its own emotes. However, when you start the game you only get access to one to emote. Worry not, you can unlock more emotes very fast. To use emotes, you can pretty T on your keyboard or use the left stick on your Xbox One controller. The game mapped the button as “Taunt” not emote so it can be confusing for some. But keep in mind that Taunt¬† = Emotes in Bleeding Edge.

How to Unlock Emotes

Now for the part where we explain how to unlock emotes. You can buy emotes from the in-game store using the in-game currency. Start the game and go to the main menu. Select the workshop and choose the character you want to get emotes for. Click on emotes and if you have enough currency, you can unlock emotes in Bleeding Edge. That’s all you need you to know about emotes from the newly multiplayer game. If you need more help check out the Bleeding Edge Wiki. We’ll be posting more content every day on the Wiki page.

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