In Cities Skylines 2, trees are more than just decorative elements; they play a crucial role in enhancing the environmental quality and aesthetic appeal of your city. The game’s tree planting tool, nestled within the Landscaping tab, is a pivotal feature for any urban planner aiming to create vibrant, green urban spaces, and indulge in Forestry Industry. This guide will walk you through the nuances of using this tool, helping you transform your virtual city into an eco-friendly and visually appealing environment.


Find Tree Planting Tool Under Landscaping Tab

To begin planting trees in Cities Skylines 2, you need to access the tree planting tool. This tool is part of the vegetation category under the Landscaping tab. Look for the shovel icon to open the Landscaping tab.

Once in the vegetation category, a variety of trees and bushes are at your disposal. This range allows you to tailor your city’s greenery to your specific aesthetic vision. The tool supports both large-scale landscaping projects and detailed, individual tree placement, giving you full control over how you want to greenify your city.

cities skylines 2 tree planting tool location.

Tree Selection Process

In Cities Skylines 2, the tree planting tool offers a wide array of trees and bushes, enabling players to exercise creative freedom in their urban landscaping. From creating lush forests to lining city streets with elegant rows of trees, the tool caters to all sorts of landscaping desires.

The selection process involves considering the aesthetic and functional aspects of different tree types. Whether you’re looking for seasonal color, shade, or specific shapes to complement city structures, the tool allows for customization to suit the unique character of each part of your city.

Tree Planting Tool Helps Place Trees In Bulk

For precise control over the aesthetic of your city, you can select individual trees for specific spots. This method is perfect for lining streets, designing patterns in parks, or placing a singular tree as a focal point in a public space.

Alternatively, if you wish to quickly cover larger areas, such as creating a forest or filling a large park, the tool allows for bulk planting. This method efficiently populates extensive areas with greenery, providing a more natural and less structured look. The tree planting tool in Cities Skylines 2 includes a feature called Multiple modes, which is particularly beneficial for creating more natural-looking green spaces. This mode allows for an organic distribution of trees, ideal for forests and park areas.

Within Multiple modes, you can fine-tune your planting with two key settings:

  • Brush Size: Determines the coverage area for your vegetation, letting you control the extent of your planting.
  • Brush Strength: Sets how densely the trees are planted within the selected area. This feature is crucial for creating either lightly scattered green spaces or dense woodlands, depending on your city’s design needs