Augments are a key part of Godfall and allow you to add different buffs and add ons to your Valoraplates. Don’t confuse Augments with Valorplate Cores that are required to craft new Valorplates. Each augment adds a bonus to one of the three main stats in Godfall. However, there is trick to using Godfall augments. In this quick guide, we will explain how to use Augments in Godfall to upgrade your armor.

Godfall: How to Use Augments

Augments are classified by rarity and colors. Each rarity has its own color in Godfall. To use augments in Godfall you must make sure that the color of the augment and augment node are the same. The only augment node that allows other colors is the white node. Besides white, nodes have blue, greed, and red colors that must match the color of the augment. Augments drain your power rating which is also tied to their rarity. The more rare augments drain more power while less common augments drain less power from your Valorplates in Godfall.

  • Common Augments Power Cost: 1
  • Uncommon Augments Cost: 3
  • Rare Augments Cost: 5
  • Epic Augments Cost: 15
  • Legendary Augments Cost: 30

You can earn Augments by simply playing the game, killing enemies, and looting chests. They are very easy to find as long as you explore the arenas. And that’s all you need to know on how to use Augments in Gearbox’s latest RPG game. If you need more help with the title, go visit our Godfall Wiki for more helpful content.

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