One of the main elements of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is upgrading your troops. This helps you create stronger, more specialized soldiers in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. In the guide, we will explain how to upgrade your troops/soldiers in Mount and Blade 2.


Understanding the Basics

  • Troops and Experience: Troops gain experience points (XP) through battles. Once they accumulate enough XP, they become eligible for an upgrade.
  • Recruitment: You can recruit troops from towns and villages. These troops start at Tier 1 and can be upgraded to higher tiers as they gain experience.
  • Party Screen: This is where you manage and upgrade your troops. When a troop is ready for an upgrade, a notification will appear.

How to Upgrade Troops

You can upgrade troops that are in your party once these soldiers have enough experience points. You can recruit troops from towns and villages. Keep in mind that troops in your party are different from companions. Troops start at Tier 1 which can be upgraded to higher tiers.

To upgrade troops in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord you need experience points that are earned via battle. You can’t instantly upgrade your soldiers, a notification will tell you when a unit can be upgraded. Head to the party screen and choose a group of units. Expand the unit and you can see icons below that will show you the available paths for the expanded units. Select the unit and the upgrade you want to apply. You will need some gold to apply the upgrade but the cost isn’t high. If you are in need of gold we have some tips for farming gold in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

Special Upgrades

  • Cavalry Units: To upgrade infantry units to cavalry, you need to have horses in your inventory. Not all units can be directly upgraded to cavalry, but those that can will require a specific type of horse. For instance, the Khazuit Nomads need a Desert Horse for their upgrade.
  • Horse Types: There are different types of horses in the game, from basic ones to specialized ones like War Horses. If you’re unsure which horse a unit requires for an upgrade, a good strategy is to buy one of each type and see which one works.

Tips and Tricks

  • Horse Upgrades: If a unit requires a horse for an upgrade, the horse will be consumed from your inventory during the upgrade process. This means the unit will now have the horse as its mount.
  • Exploration: Different factions might have different requirements for upgrades. It’s beneficial to explore various towns and gather information on what’s needed for each troop type.
  • Economic Strategy: Always keep an eye on your gold. While upgrading troops is essential, you don’t want to run out of funds for other crucial aspects of the game

That concludes the process of upgrading your troops in the game. If you need more help check out Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Wiki.



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