The role of spells in Forspoken is crucial. Players can advance their character, Frey, by utilizing the spell crafting and upgrading system. These spells will provide powerful attacks and defense against enemies throughout the game. Upgraded spells will increase their effectiveness.

Upgrading Spells In Forspoken

There are two ways to upgrade your spells:

  • Skill Tree Nodes
  • Spellcraft Challenges

#1: Skill Tree Nodes

Players can upgrade their spells using a traditional upgrading system. However, this method has limitations, as only offensive spells have higher-level variants in the Skill Tree Node, and defensive spells cannot be upgraded. Upgrading offensive spells requires a specific amount of mana, and as the player progresses to higher tiers, the required amount increases.

Note: Most support spells require mana to unlock, but some can only be tracked down at various locations.

Mana is a critical resource scattered across the open world. They are glowing blue strips found on the ground. You can also get mana when upgrading your character levels. Once you have enough mana to upgrade spells, open the Magic tab from the game menu and select the spell you want to upgrade.

#2: Spellcraft Challenges

In this method, Tracked challenges allow any arcane ability to be upgraded. Head to Refuges or Guild Towers to find bookshelves. After interacting with a bookshelf, you can select up to three spells to track at one time. Each spell has its challenge, so you must complete multiple tasks to upgrade multiple spells you track.

For example, in the Naedre spell challenge, you are asked to poison several enemies to upgrade it. After Completing the challenge, you will notice that the duration of your spell’s effect is extended eventually because this spell falls under Blue Magic.

Once you have completed a challenge, open the magic menu and go to the appropriate ability node. Hover over the completed abilities by holding the X button on PlayStation. Challenges are the quickest method to upgrade your spells, and in no time, your character will become OP, making the game a lot easier.

That’s all we have for now, and I hope this helps. If you want to read more about Forspoken, here are some guides you might like:

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