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How To Upgrade Pal Box In Palworld

Upgrading your Pal Box and base in Palworld is a fundamental part of expanding your capabilities and managing your Pals more efficiently. If you’ve found yourself a bit lost on how to upgrade your base and Palbox, you’re not alone.

How To Upgrade Pal Box And Base Level In Palworld

The journey in Palworld begins with the creation of your base, centered around a structure called a Pal Box. Initially, it might seem like you’re just endlessly tweaking and adding to your base without much progression. The key to upgrading your base lies in interacting with your Palbox. Within the Pal Box menu, there’s an option to insert one of your Pals into the box, which unlocks missions. These missions are critical for upgrading your base, as completing them triggers the ability to upgrade your Palbox. The missions are listed on the right-hand side of your screen, and upon completion, you’ll receive a notification indicating that your Palbox is ready for an upgrade.

Approach your Palbox and select the button to view “missions.” This screen will display a list of tasks you need to complete for the upgrade. Each task completed brings you closer to leveling up your base, allowing you to equip more Pals and unlock additional levels. This progression is crucial, especially when your base operations begin to expand and require more space.

How To Build A Second Base In Palworld

Eventually, you’ll find the need to expand your space with a second base in Palworld. Upon reaching level 10 with your Palbase, the option to build a second base becomes available, and at level 15, a third. When choosing locations for these new bases, it’s strategic to pick areas close to resources you frequently use, such as ore, to streamline your operations.

Note: Upgrading your base allows you to build automated assembly lines for ore, pal spheres, and other resources.

Key Points To Remember

  • Base Missions: Interact with your Palbox using the V key or the Missions prompt to access base missions. Completing these missions is essential for upgrading both your base and Palbox.
  • Capacity Increases: Each upgrade to your Palbox increases the number of working Pal slots by one. This increment allows your bases to be more productive and automated, making resource gathering and management more efficient.
  • Establishing New Bases: To set up a second or third base, use the build menu to select “Pal Box” in the Pal sub-menu. Place the Pal Box in your chosen location, similar to how you would build in your initial base.
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