How to Upgrade Multitool in No Man’s Sky Origins

No Mans Sky Origins multitool upgrade

One of the biggest No Man’s Sky updates is out now. The Origins update changes No Man’s Sky in so many ways and adds a plethora of new features. One of the frequently asked questions right now is how to upgrade your multitool. So I thought what better time than now to create a quick guide for you. In this guide, I will explain how to upgrade multitool in No Man’s Sky Origins.

No Man’s Sky Origins Guide: How to Upgrade Multitool

In No Man’s Sky Origins, players will notice the multitool upgrade station. This new station is where you upgrade your multitools in No Man’s Sky Origins. Open the multitool upgrade station where you can purchase new slots, upgrade class, and of course, upgrade your multitool.

Multitool upgrades require money but before you can upgrade you need to buy some maps. Head over to the cartographer to exchange maps. What you are looking for is the secret cartographic data. Buy as much data as you can. Once you have the charts, grab your spaceship and see where the navigation data takes you.

You will get the direction to a manufacturing facility where you will face a bunch of enemies. Before you enter the facility manually save your game to make sure you can reset if you get the access question wrong and try again. Use the manufacturing facility to create a multitool expansion slot. If you have more charts, use them to reach other manufacturing facilities and create more expansion slots for your multitool. Now come back to the upgrade station and select the multitool you wish to upgrade in No Man’s Sky Origins. Install the multitool slot and then apply upgrade circuit. Do for as many slots you have available and if you have the money for purchasing.

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