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How to Upgrade Heavy Runic Attacks in God of War: Ragnarok


God of War: Ragnarok is launched on 9 November and is available on PS4 and PS5: God of War: Ragnarok is an upcoming action-adventure game developed. The game features tougher enemies than before, so you’ll need to use every advantage at your disposal. One of the best ways to make yourself more powerful is to upgrade your Heavy Runic Attacks. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to upgrade Heavy Runic Attacks in God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok has many weapons that can be used however you want. Runic attacks are booster items that can be used with any weapon to make them more powerful during challenging battles.

If you’re a fan of the God of War game series, then you’ll probably know that Ragnarok has inherited quite a few features from its predecessors, including special skills that can be attached to your favorite weapon. Therefore the same goes for the Runic attacks, as they have both light and heavy versions:

  • Light Runic Attacks: You don’t have to do anything special to unlock light runic attacks- they are automatically available to you as you play the main storyline.
  • Heavy Runic Attacks: You need to unlock Heavy Runic Attacks so that you can use them.

Upgrading Heavy Runic Attacks:

You can only upgrade your Heavy Runic Attack ability if you have enough EXP. To check if you do, open the tab at the bottom and look for the ‘equip’ option next to Heavy Runic Attack. If it’s available, press the ‘upgrade’ button below it.

Heavy Runic Attacks are essential for battle and can be found as rewards for completing certain boss fights or from Legendary Chests located throughout the map.

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