How to Upgrade a Forge in Valheim

How to Upgrade a Forge in Valheim

One of the first things that players are advised to do in Valheim is to build a Workbench and a Forge. It’s through these that they’ll be able to craft and upgrade weapons/armor that play a key role in their survival. Better weapons and armor, however, requires upgraded Workbench and Forge. We’ve already discussed Workbench Upgrades in a separate guide but what about upgrading the Forge? In this guide, we’ve provided a complete overview of everything there’s to know about how to upgrade a Forge in Valheim.

How to Upgrade a Forge in Valheim

The first step in upgrading a forge is to build it first. But even before that, players will need to find all the required materials i.e. Stone, Copper, Coal, Wood, and Copper. After collecting all the aforementioned items, players will be able to build a forge in the game – it’s better to do it inside an enclosed space:

4x Stone + 4x Coal + 10x Wood + 6x Copper

In order to build it, players need to select ‘Hammer’ from their inventories and press ‘F’ to open up the Crafting Menu. Once there, press ‘Q’ or ‘E’ to select the Forge, and then place it using the LMB. Similar to the Workbench, players can also upgrade the Forge to a higher level. But how does one do that?

How to Upgrade

In order to upgrade a Forge, players need to build an Anvil. The first thing that players need to do is to unlock the recipe for the Anvil. It can be unlocked by simply creating Bronze in the game. The entire process is fairly straightforward – all that the players need to do is to combine Copper and Tin inside a Smelter.

Once players have acquired Bronze, they’ll be able to upgrade the Forge to Level 2. To do that, players will once again need to select ‘Hammer’ from the inventory and place Bronze and Wood near a Workbench. After a while, the Forge will automatically get upgraded to Level 2.

That’s all we’ve got in how to Upgrade a Forge in Valheim. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.

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