The Golden Apple Archipelago was added to Genshin Impact recently. It will be accessible till the end of version 2.8, 24th August 2022. The Islands were re-introduced to the game as part of the Mid-summer island Adventure Event.

To unlock the Golden Apple archipelago, the requirements are:

  • Story rank must be 32 and above
  • Archon Quest 2: Proluge ”Autumn Winds, Scarlett Trees”
  • Mona’s story quest “Astrolabos Chapter: Act 1 – Beyond this world’s Stars”

To unlock it for the first time, you will have to follow the story. Select the Summer time Odyssey Event in the Events Overview Menu. Head to the Adventurers Guild in Ronstadt, and the quest will begin.

The next step is to meet two characters called Fischl and Mona, who will give us some exposition on the situation. Then, advance to find Venti at Angel’s Share. He will set up your travel arrangements.

He can be a little hard to locate, but eventually, you will find him hanging out with Kazuha and Xinyan. This time, he will join you on your quest after having a little chat. Vent I will disclose that a transportation apparatus has been set up by a certain mysterious character.

The next step is to meet the group at 8 AM the next day at the gates of Monstadt. After the interaction, you will be led to an oddly shaped bunker on the riverbank with your friends traveling right behind you. As soon as you enter the bunker, the Golden apple Archipelago will be unlocked.

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