Biomutant has a large world for you to travel around and explore, there are obviously several ways of traversal. One of the best sources to travel in Biomutant is by using the blimp. This guide will go through how you can unlock the Flying Blimp in Biomutant.

Biomutant Flying Blimp

Blimp is an efficient and one of the fastest vehicle items to travel, it can be unlocked by playing through side quests. First off, you will have to head towards the location Blimpstation, which is in the far north section of the map and falls under the point of interest Kluppy Dunes.

After reaching the destination, go through the door and down the stairs. Here, you will see a female character, Lobo. She is the one who will assign you a task, which if you complete will obtain the blimp. You need to interact with her to trigger the quest. The quest requires you to help her in finding the Frankendog, which can be seen on the map after the quest is activated.

You need to find the Frankendog and give it to Lobo, and there will be another request from her. This request would prompt you to get tiedown from a shipwreck, which will also be mentioned on the map.

This time around you will have to complete a rotation puzzle, after which you will obtain the tiedown and deliver it to Lobo in the Blimpstation. The quest is completed here and Lobo will reward you with the flying blimp or the Gullblimp, you can use the blimp to fly off of the blimp station as well and use it whenever you need.

This was everything we had on how to unlock the Flying Blimp in Biomutant. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Biomutant wiki guides.

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