Engineer is a secret Archetype in Remnant 2. The class specializes in using Heavy Weaponry to lay waste to enemies. Those of you who like Skill Builds will absolutely love the Engineer class. Aside from boosting Skill Damage, the Archetype is also capable of providing damage reduction to nearby allies which makes it very valuable in the co-op mode. Being a secret Archetype, the Engineer is not available in the beginning. You must unlock it during the Campaign like Explorer, Summoner, and Gunslinger. This guide details everything there is to know about how to unlock the Engineer in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 Unlock Engineer

To unlock the Engineer class in Remnant 2, you will need to head over to N’Erud. Once you are there, travel to The Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon. For the next part, if you have got someone running the Explorer Archetype, it will make your life very easy.

Using the Explorer class, you will need to find an item known as the Alien Device. To locate it, you will need to delve deeper into the foggy area. There is a consumable, Purified Salve, that can protect you the toxins.

Keep on pushing through the fog until you are able to see the Engineer Armor Set in the distance — the Alien Device should be right next to it. Also, do not worry about dying as you will respawn in the area.


After you have acquired the Alien Device, head back to Ward 13 and find Wallace. You need to hand him over the Alien Device along with 10x Lumenite Crystals and 1,000x Scrap to receive the Drzyr Caliper to unlock the Engineer class.

Engineer Skills

Heavy VulcanYou deploy a Vulcan Cannon Turret that shoots enemies until it runs out of ammo.
FlamethrowerYou deploy a Flamethrower Turret that burns enemies.
Impact CannonYou deploy an Impact Cannon Turret that blasts enemies with powerful shots.

Engineer Perks

High Tech (Prime Perk)This lets you overclock your Heavy Weapons which grants it infinite ammo, increased fire rate, and a 25% damage increase.
MetalworkerYou get increased Skill Damage and extra ammo capacity for Heavy Weapons.
Magnetic FieldWhen you use Heavy Weapons, allies get increased damage reduction.
Heavy MobilityYou move faster while carrying Heavy Weapons.
SurplusWhen you use a Relic, you get back some of your Heavy Weapon ammo. And if you put away the Heavy Weapon, you get double the amount back.

This is everything we have got on how to unlock the Engineer class in Remnant 2. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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