The initial step for unlocking the Starlight Strand is to find the Gordo Slime. Without wasting time, head towards the Southern Region to find the Cotton Gordo, feed them, and wait until they pop it. Follow these steps to find the Cotton Gordo without needing a Jetpack:

  • The first step is to find pink and cotton slimes
  • Begin your journey from Conservatory, then travel west.
  • Now follow the path south until you reach the edge, then drop down.
  • Continue to follow the road southwest.
  • Don’t stop climbing the ramp unless you reach the Cotton Gordo.

Bring the 30 veggies and 15 water lettuce with you for the Cotton Gordos, as they will enjoy eating them. The carrots and water lettuce are ideal choices since they are readily available. All you need to do is go to Rainbow Field. Vegetables are essential in the game; therefore, construct your Conservatory garden around them.

When you’ve completed feeding the Cotton Gordo, you’ll discover a secret cave opening up for you. The Teleport Unlock Node is inside the cave, so speak with him to learn where Starlight Strand can be reached!

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