The 3rd season of The Division 2, Concealed Agenda, will soon be available on the live servers. Concealed Agenda brings with it new exotics, a brand new gear set, a new PvE game mode, a new GE, a new Prime Target, and the new Shrapnel Trap skill variant. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about unlocking the new Shrapnel Trap skill variant in The Division 2 Concealed Agenda.

How to Unlock Shrapnel Trap in The Division 2 Concealed Agenda

Similar to previous seasons and how skill variants worked in them, the new Shrapnel Trap is tied to Bardon Schaeffer, who’s the leader of the BTSU Unit of the Black Tusk and is this season’s prime target. Just like earlier seasons, we’ll have detailed guides on how to defeat all the manhunt targets in the new season.

After you manage to defeat all the manhunt targets and eventually the prime target, Bardon Schaeffer, you’ll automatically gain access to the Shrapnel Trap skill variant. Let’s talk about how it works:

The Shrapnel Trap essentially scatters a minefield of small explosive devices that can attach to any surface (enemies included) and then based on enemy proximity. Remember that if you’ve got access to the Public Test Realm, you can test how the skill works right now. It remains to be seen whether it’ll see any changes on the live servers or not.

From the looks of it, it seems like a good idea to use it in different kinds of skill builds. I’d also recommend pairing it up with the newly added exotics. To learn more about these exotics, you can check out our in-depth exotics guide.

And this is how you can unlock the new Shrapnel Trap skill variant in the Concealed Agenda of The Division 2. For additional tips and tricks on the game, you can check our detailed The Division 2 wiki guides.

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