Splatoon 3 brings many things to do and revamps the Splatoon experience in many ways, but it also stays true to its roots by keeping and improving fan-favorite modes. Salmon Run is one of the modes that makes a comeback alongside the beloved multiplayer experience.


Salmon Run is Splatoon 3’s coop mode that puts players up against AI enemies in a PVE situation. The goal of Salmon Run is to collect Golden Salmanid Eggs for Mr. Grizz. Sounds interesting? But you need to unlock Salmon Run before you can jump into the PVE chaos.

To unlock Salmon Run in Splatoon 3, you need to reach level 4 and then speak with Grizz in Splatsville. You can reach level 4 by playing either the single-player or multiplayer modes. You will earn XP by both winning or losing in the multiplayer mode but winning nets you a bigger amount of XP, so you’ll reach level 4 quicker.

When you speak with Mr. Grizz, he would want you to train by playing the Salmon Run mode. The mode has multiple runs, and you can experience playing with new weapons and abilities.

Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 3 can also be played with friends by creating a custom lobby. You can create a lobby through the main menu and invite your friends to play the Salmon Run or multiplayer modes.

That’s everything you need to know about the Salmon Run mode. For more help with Splatoon 3, visit our dedicated Guides Hub.