Pianist of Krat achievement in Lies of P might leave players puzzled, wondering how to unlock it. Contrary to what one might think, this achievement doesn’t require any musical skills or playing a melody on a piano in Hotel Krat. Instead, it involves a series of actions that culminate in your character interacting with a piano, leading to the unlocking of this achievement.


Before you can unlock the Pianist of Krat achievement in Lies of P, there are certain prerequisites you need to meet. Understanding these conditions is crucial as they set the stage for the actions you need to perform to unlock this achievement. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Complete the Game: The Pianist of Krat achievement requires players to have completed the game at least once. This means you’ll need to play through the entire story, facing all the challenges that come your way, and witness one of the game’s endings. Whether you achieve a happy ending or a tragic one doesn’t matter for this particular achievement.
  2. Post-Completion Play: After you’ve seen the credits roll, don’t jump into a New Game+ just yet. The achievement requires you to continue playing in the post-completion environment of your current playthrough.
  3. Access to Hotel Krat: Ensure you have access to Hotel Krat, as this location holds the key to unlocking your achievement. If you’re post-completion, you should have unrestricted access to most areas, including this one.
Press cancel to enter your current playthrough and OK to start NewGame+.

Unlocking Pianist of Krat Achievement

After meeting the prerequisites, your first step is to return to Hotel Krat. Navigate your way through the streets of Krat, familiar from your previous explorations, and find the entrance to the hotel.

Once inside Hotel Krat, your goal is to locate the piano. It’s not hidden, but the hotel’s layout can be a bit of a maze if you’re not familiar with it. The piano is located in one of the main areas of the hotel, often used for guest entertainment in happier times.

Approach the piano, and you’ll notice an option to interact with it. After the interaction with the piano, the Pianist of Krat achievement will unlock.