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How to Unlock Outfits in Red Dead Online – Blood Money


Blood Money update for Red Dead Online has added quite a lot of content. Opportunities, a brand-new currency called Capitale, new outfits, etc. are some of these things. The newly added outfits are especially sought-after since they are based after Arthur and Dutch from the singleplayer campaign. In this guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to unlock different outfits featured in the Blood Money update for Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online – Blood Money Outfits

Blood Money update for RDO has added two new outfits to unlock – Dutch’s Outfit and Arthur’s Outfit. Below, we have shared all the info. needed to unlock both of these outfits in Red Dead Online.

Dutch’s Outfit – The Redcliff

In order to unlock Dutch’s Outfit called The Redcliff in RDO, players need to purchase the Quick Draw Club. Once done, continue to progress through the levels of the Quick Draw Club till Rank-5. Upon reaching Rank-5 of the Quick Draw Club, The Redcliff will become available.

Arthur’s Outfit – The Haraway

To be able to unlock Arthur’s Outfit in RDO, players must locate Madame Nazar. This vendor loves to roam around and is found in a different location each day. Once found, she should have The Haraway outfit in her inventory for a whopping 52 Gold Bars.

Getting a lot of Gold Bars can be a pain since they are also needed to get Capitale, the new currency introduced in the Blood Money update to purchase Opportunities. A quick way to get Gold Bars is to purchase them with real money which we do not recommend at all. What we do recommend is simply playing the game and completing different challenges since they also reward Gold Bars.

That is all we have got in how to unlock all the outfits in the new Blood Money update for Red Dead Online. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki page.

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