After many delays and development issues, The Division 2 Season 11 – Reign of Fire has finally emerged. Season 11 brings two notable exotics that you need to start farming immediately are NinjaBike Messenger bag and the Sacrum Imperium AR. We will discuss the AR as a separate guide because this one will solely focus on farming the NinjaBike Bag in The Division 2.

NinjaBike Messenger Bag is a brand new addition to the exotics list and, without a doubt, one of the best bags for your Striker Builds. There are multiple ways to unlock NinjaBike in The Division 2, and needless to say, this is going to be a bit of a grind. However, there are ways to quickly increase your chances of unlocking the NinjaBike Messenger bag.

How to Unlock NinjaBike Bag

  • Farm Territory Controls Near Spawn Locations
  • Set Difficulty to Heroic or Legendary
  • Farm DZ Landmarks
  • Play Targeted Loot Missions
  • Farm General Anderson Mission
NinjaBike Exotic.


The Kingbreaker AR goes well with the new NinjaBag.

Farm Territory Controls Near Spawn Locations

Territory Control points near spawn locations are easy to farm, and with the current double XP going on, you can quickly earn a ton of XP to stack toward your Season 11 rewards tree. However, the NinjaBike exotic unlocks at level 90, so simply farming XP isn’t the best method. What we need is a higher drop rate.

Set Difficulty to Heroic or Legendary

The very first step in farming NinjaBike is playing on a higher difficulty. Set your difficulty to Heroic or Legendary to increase your chance of getting this new exotic. You can change your world’s difficulty through the game’s map.

Farm DZ Landmarks

Solo farming DZ Landmarks is one of the known ways to farm NinjaBike bag. Hit those landmarks and go in with your best Dark Zone build. I’ve found the most success in Dark Zone South Landmarks.

Play Targeted Loot Missions

Targeted loot missions allow you to go after a specific type of loot. In this case, it would be a bag. You can set your targeted loot to bags and see what missions offer the drops. Farm those missions on higher difficulties and go after named bosses for a greater chance of unlocking NinjaBike messenger bag.

Farm General Anderson Mission

Despite the release of Season 11, General Anderson Mission is still dropping random exotics on each attempt. To access the General Anderson mission, you need to reach level 49 in Season 11. Once you reach this level, you can replay the mission as many times as you like to farm exotic items.

Regardless of the difficulty level you choose, you will receive a random exotic item at the end of each attempt. This means you can choose to play on a lower difficulty level to make the farming process more efficient. However, keep in mind that higher difficulty levels may increase the quality of loot during the mission itself and may also impact the quality of the exotic item obtained.


The targeted loot you choose for the mission does not affect the exotic item obtained at the end of the mission. Therefore, you can choose any targeted loot that suits your gameplay style and preferences.

The Degen Method

In Season 11 Ubisoft introduced the ability to purchase reward tiers to spend real-life cash on NinjaBike Bag. However, you can’t skip levels, so you must buy every level until you reach level 90. Each season 11 level costs 100 Premium Credits, so you’ll need 9000 Premium Credits, over 70 USD.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the new NinjaBike Messenger bag in The Division 2.

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