How to Unlock Necromancer Class in Loop Hero

How to Unlock Necromancer Class in Loop Hero

The viral sensation known as Loop Hero has multiple classes you can unlock and unlock. Some of the classes are unlocked by default while others can be unlocked once you upgrade buildings in your town. One of the best classes in the game is Necromancer, a class that brings our undead friends to the battle arena. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to unlock the Necromancer Class in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero: How to Unlock Necromancer Class

To unlock the Necromancer class in Loop Hero you need to upgrade buildings. Start a campfire at the base once you manage to get a field kitchen built with the following resources:

  • 3x Preserved Wood
  • 2x Preserved Stone
  • 1x Food

The next step to getting the Necromancer class is getting yourself a full-fledged gymnasium that unlocks traits and villages. Both of these are extremely important since traits unlock new abilities and villages give you new quests. You need the following resources to build a gymnasium:

  • 2x Stable Wood
  • 1x Metamorphosis
  • 6x Stable Metal
  • 3x Preserved Rock

We are not done yet, once you have the field kitchen, campfire, and gymnasium, it is time to build a cemetery in Loop Hero. Building a cemetery is one of the final steps to unlocking the Necromancer class in Loop Hero. The cemetery allows you to raise the undead heroes. The following are the resources you need to build a cemetery:

  • 2x Stable Metal
  • 14x Preserved Rock
  • 4x Stable Wood

And finally, the last step to the Necromancer class is building a crypt. To build a crypt you need an “Orb of Expansion” among other resources. The “Orb of Expansion” is acquired by killing an enemy group, a group that consists of more than 4 enemies. Other resources required for a crypt are:

  • 9x Stable Metal
  • 16x Preserved Stone
  • 4x Stable Wood

Once you complete the crypt you’ll automatically unlock the Necromancer class in Loop Hero. And that’s everything you need to know on this topic. If you need more help, visit how to unlock Rogue class, how to fight bosses and Tile combos, how to get scrap metal, best cards, how to beat Lich.

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