When facing monsters like Barroth, Barioth, and Basarios you must be prepared to your bones. One of the best ways to prepare is getting your hands on Switch Skills in Monsters Hunter Rise. Switch skills are powerful abilities in MHR that help you take on the toughest beasts. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to unlock all Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills.


Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills

If you simply play the main storyline you will get access to three Switch skills for each weapon type. However, there are more skills in the game that require some extra work to unlock. To unlock all Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise you need to raise your Star Level for hub and village to 4. After that, Master Utushi will give you additional quests and through these quests, you get new Switch Skills.

Each quest asks you to use a certain type of weapon but to complete the quest you don’t necessarily have to use that weapon at all. Moreover, each quest has its own difficulty level so some quests are harder than others. The following is the complete list of Switch Skill quests available in the game.

  1. Study the Switch Axe
  2. Honing Your Hunting Horn
  3. Study the Sword and Shield
  4. Learning the Light Bowgun
  5. Hone Your Heavy Bowgun
  6. Charge Blade Coalescing
  7. Honing Your Hammer
  8. Learn the Lance
  9. Grasp the Great Sword
  10. Be One with the Bow
  11. Grasp the Gunlance
  12. Invoke the Insect Glaive
  13. Dissect the Dual Blades
  14. Learn the Long Sword

Your work doesn’t end here, there are even more Switch skills in the game but those are only unlocked after you invest resources to upgrade your weapons. And that’s how you unlock all Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise.

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