At the beginning of Gotham Knights, each playable character has access to three skill trees; Knighthood is the fourth tree is locked. You’ll want access to its solid and practical talents as soon as possible, but there is quite a grind you must go through.

To unlock Knighthood, you need to complete Knighthood Challenges. But these challenges only become available after you complete the first-night petrol tutorial.

You will be in the Belfry HQ but out on patrol at night during the daytime. To unlock the Knighthood Challenges in the Batcomputer, complete all the new, obligatory activities in Belfry.

The list of Knighthood Challenges can be found on the Challenges tab of the Batcomputer. For each character’s specific Knighthood skill tree to be unlocked, these must be finished separately, which means you need to play as each of the four Knights and finish Knighthood challenges to unlock their respective Knighthood.

For instance, Robin’s Knighthood Challenges call for him to finish Timed Strike Training in the Belfry, end 10 planned crimes, and take down three huge opponents with shields. His Knighthood skill tree will become available once these duties are completed.

When you unlock knighthood, you get access to Heroic Travel choices, which let you move about Gotham City far more quickly than you would otherwise.

You also have the choice to switch characters once you get to the Belfry during the day before returning to nighttime Gotham patrol. You can switch characters anytime and it won’t affect your Knighthood challenges progress.

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