Remnant 2, a co-op RPG shooter, offers a diverse range of character classes known as archetypes. Each archetype offers unique skills, bonuses, and playstyles, allowing you to tailor your gameplay to your preferred style. Among these archetypes is the elusive Invader class, a specialized archetype known for its cunning and clever combat strategies. This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock the Invader class in Remnant 2.


The Invader archetype is a master of deception and quick movement in combat. Invaders can create fake targets using their unique skills to distract attackers and protect teammates. They can also manipulate time and space to their advantage, dealing more damage, posing less of a threat, and briefly becoming invincible.

How to Unlock Invader Class: Step by Step Guide

  1. Access Morrow Parish in Losomn: If you need to, reroll the campaign. Look for the Morrow Sanitarium and find the Prison Cell Key and three dolls carved from stone. Give these dolls to the character who is trapped to set her free and get the Nightweaver Stone Doll.
  2. Defeat the Nightweaver Boss: You can find the Nightweaver boss in a place called the Gilded Chambers. If you beat this boss, you’ll get something called the Soulkey Tribute. Use this at a gate made of cobwebs in the basement to go to the Dream World. In a cell there, use the Nightweaver Statue on another cobweb to get the Dreamcatcher weapon.
  3. Locate the Main Ship in Root Earth’s Corrupted Harbor: Search the ship for the Escalation Protocol Amulet. Use the Dreamcatcher on the monster that has the amulet to get the Walker’s Dream item.
  4. Enter the Twilight Valley: Use Walker’s Dream to go to the Twilight Valley. Here, you’ll have to beat the Bane mini-boss to get the Wooden Shiv.
  5. Take the Wooden Shiv to Wallace at Ward 13: Wallace will use the Wooden Shiv to make the Invader archetype Emblem: Serrated Root Blade. Put the Invader emblem on in your character screen to become the Invader archetype.

How to Get Nightweaver Statue

To unlock the Invader Archetype in Remnant, you’ll first need to obtain the Nightweaver Statue. Begin by running the “Nightweaver” main quest. This will lead you to Losomn: Morrow Sanatorium. Once there, make your way to the asylum building. Your task here is to find three Stone Dolls. After collecting all three, head to the basement of the asylum. Here, you’ll find a Lady NPC behind a cell door. Speak to her and hand over the three Stone Dolls. In return, she will sing a Code for the Morrow Parish Safe in the building. Next, go to the balcony on the third floor, where you’ll find a key to open her cell. Use the key to open the cell and inside, you’ll find the Nightweaver statue.

How to Get Dream Catcher

The next step is to acquire the Dream Catcher Weapon. Continue playing the game until you reach the Shattered Gallery dungeon and face off against Magister Dullain. Defeating him will reward you with the Soulkey Tribute, a crucial item in Remnant 2 for unlocking the Invader Archetype. With the Soulkey Tribute in hand, return to Losomn: Morrow Sanatorium and head back to the basement. Use the Soulkey Tribute to open the large cobweb in the basement, which will teleport you to the Dream Realm Asylum. Once there, go to the Lady NPC’s cell where you’ll find the Dream Catcher, the weapon needed to unlock the Invader Archetype in Remnant 2.


Invader Class Skills

Void CloakEnables you to dodge incoming damage for a certain period. Each successful dodge reduces the timer based on the damage avoided and creates a decoy for a brief time.
Worm HoleAmplifies the damage of your next attack within five seconds by 300%. Holding the button reveals a target marker, which teleports you behind the target when used.
RebootBegins a temporary backup of your current health, stamina, relic charges, ammo, and negative status effects. During this time, your speed and damage resistance slightly increase. Reactivating the skill restores your stats to those saved and creates a decoy for three seconds.

Invader Class Perks

OverrideUsing a relic temporarily reduces the attention you draw from enemies. While active, your next dodge leaves behind a powered-up decoy for a few seconds.
CircumventDecreases the stamina cost of dodging and sliding in combat.
LoopholeAny damage dealt by allies to enemies distracted by your decoy provides a small amount of base damage as health recovery.
S.H.A.R.KSprinting or dodging adds a momentum stack, increasing the damage of ranged and melee attacks.

The Invader class also comes with a Prime Perk (Shadow) and a Trait (Untouchable). The Prime Perk makes a decoy appear whenever a skill is used. While the decoy is active, you deal 5% more damage to enemies targeting it. Meanwhile, the Untouchable Trait increases evade window by 3% for Invader class in Remnant 2.

How to Unlock Invader Class Video Guide