How to grapple? Well, it is a simple thing but yet not that easy, otherwise, you won’t be here, will you? One of the main focuses of the game is you navigating hard to navigate areas. Getting around the map and exploring is important to your overall progression in Journey to the Savage Planet.  In our guide today, we will explain what you need to do in order to make sure you understand the grappling mechanics of Journey to the Savage Planet. Getting around the map is how you look for resources and upgrade your gear. Here are the bullet points of how to grapple.

  1. Scan Shining Pods
  2. Start “A Higher Calling” quest
  3. Unlock Proton Tether
  4. Complete Jump! Jump! quest
  5. Go to Glimmer Cave of Wonder
  6. Upgrade Thrusters

How to Grapple

Your progression in Journey to the  Savage Planet is locked behind side quests and exploration of the map. There are many quests and tasks in the game that help you unlock various abilities and upgrades. The ability to grapple in Journey to the Savage Planet is locked behind a quest.

As you explore the early game areas you will end up near shining pods in grappling locations. Since you won’t have the ability to interact with them, they are no use to you. You must scan the platforms with your visor scanner. Press Up and the d-pad to activate the scanner and then press R1/RB to scan the shining pods. Scannable objects are shown in a different color.

Once you scan the platforms, the process will trigger “A Higher Calling” quest for you to complete. The game does a good job of guiding you through the quest. Once you are done with the quest you will get the Proton Tether, a tool that will allow you to grapple. Follow the instruction to reach the location where you can’t make the jump, this will start the Jump! Jump! quest. Head to the Glimmering Cave of Wonder, at the end of the cave you will get the upgrade needed to tweak your Thrusters and continue the Higher Calling quest. That’s it, it’s the end of our Journey to the Savage Planet grapple guide. Our guides section is open for business if you need more help with the game.