How to Unlock Fast Travel in Death Stranding

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Death Stranding

The ability to fast travel in Death Stranding is something you won’t unlock right off the bat. Since you’ll spend the first few hours traveling a lot in the game, it’s a good idea to know how fast traveling works. Before we talk about how to unlock fast travel in Death Stranding, note that the guide contains potential story spoilers.

In addition to your ability to fast travel, you can always opt in to walk all the way to your desired destination and/or find a vehicle. But none of these traveling methods outpaces fast traveling, especially if you wish to travel to a Distribution Center miles away.

Death Stranding Fast Travel Unlock

During Episode 3, Fragile will tell you about her ability to fast travel to large distances instantaneously using her umbrella. During the same episode, she will leave her umbrella in your Private Room that you should be able to use to fast travel across the world of Death Stranding.

To start, head over to Lake Knot City during Episode 3 and make sure to enter your Private Room. If you miss this step, you won’t be able to unlock fast travel. This is where you’ll gain access to Fragile’s umbrella. After acquiring it for the first time, you’ll be able to find the fast travel umbrella in every one of your Private Rooms. You simply need to interact with the umbrella to fast travel to different areas.

How to Fast Travel?

Unlike other modern video games out there, you can’t just open up your world map from fast travel directly from there. In Death Stranding, to fast travel, you need to visit a facility or a safehouse with a Private Room to fast travel to another Private Room.

It’s also important to note that you can also fast travel to safehouses built by other players. Another thing that I should note here is that you’d only be able to fast travel to Private Rooms that you’ve already unlocked.

Another thing that you should note that while fast traveling, you won’t be able to carry any items on you to your desired destination, therefore, try not to use it in the middle of a delivery. If you do, you’ll have your items automatically stored in your Locker Box.

This marks the end of our Death Stranding Fast Travel Guide. For more help on Death Stranding, check out our MULE Signals Guide, Structures Guide, and Chiral Crystals Farming Guide.