The latest in-game challenge in Overwatch is to commemorate the recently released OW comics by Dark Horse Comics featuring Tracer. The challenge works exactly like all the previous challenges featured in the game so far and rewards the completionists with a brand new skin, spray, and an icon. Those of you who’re interested in undertaking the challenge have from Sept. 15 to Sept. 28 to get it done. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to unlock the latest Comic Book Tracer skin in Overwatch.


How to Unlock Comic Book Tracer Skin in Overwatch

As with earlier in-game challenges, the rewards are tied to you winning games in Quickplay, Competitive, and Arcade game modes – what you play is entirely your choice. Here’s a quick breakdown of wins you’ll need to accumulate for different rewards:

  • 3 Wins = Tracer icon
  • 5 Wins = Tracer Spray
  • 9 Wins = Comic Book Tracer Epic Skin

Aside from these rewards, you’ll also be able to earn a total of six different sprays but these ones are tied to linking your Battle.Net profile with Twitch. Once you’ve done so, you’ll need to watch any Twitch-partner streamer playing Overwatch. Watching these streams for 2 hours will reward you with the first spray, watching for 4 hours will net you 2 sprays, and watching 6 hours of these streams will get you the final 3 sprays.

The coolest thing about these sprays is that all of them have secret voicelines associated with them. You’ll hear Tracer saying the lines associated with these sprays. These include but aren’t limited to Bang!, Pow!, Zap!, etc.

We’ll highly recommend playing with a team to make sure that your entire squad gets them together. There’s still some time when it comes to unlocking them so make sure to take your time.

This is how you can unlock the new Comic Book Tracer alongside other goodies in Overwatch. For more helpful tips and tricks related to OW, be sure to check out our detailed Overwatch wiki guides.