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How to Unlock Chocobo in FF16 (1 Easy Step)

Unlock the Cutest Mount, Chocobo, in Final Fantasy 16!


In Final Fantasy 16, unlocking and riding a Chocobo is an optional but rewarding experience that enhances your exploration of the game’s semi-open world.

To unlock the Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16, players must complete a specific side quest called “The White-Winged Wonder.” This quest becomes available after reaching a certain point in the main storyline and involves helping an NPC named Rowan, the Traveling Trader, in the town of Martha’s Rest.

The White-Winged Wonder Chocobo Side Quest Location

To begin the side quest, locate Rowan near the bridge, The Fallen Gate, just south of the Martha’s Rest Obelisk. Engage in a conversation with him, and he will inform you about a flock of Chocobos that has attracted the attention of a bandit gang. Rowan will request your assistance in finding the Chocobos and their leader, Whiteheart before the bandits can harm them.

final fantasy 16 chocobo white winged wonder quest location.

How to Complete “The White-Winged Wonder” Side Quest

Follow the objective markers provided in the quest to track down the bandits and their captive Chocobos. As you progress, you will discover clues such as white feathers and defeated bandits, leading you closer to the location of the Chocobos. Eventually, you will encounter the bandits and engage in combat alongside the Chocobos’ assistance.

After defeating the bandit gang, Rowan will approach you and reveal that the Chocobo leader, Whiteheart, is actually Clive’s childhood mount named Ambrosia. This revelation sparks a heartfelt reunion between Clive and Ambrosia, and Rowan suggests that Clive should become Ambrosia’s master once again. Accept this request to unlock Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Summon and Ride Chocobo

To summon Ambrosia, hold down the R3 button on your controller. Clive will call out to Ambrosia, and she will appear by your side. It is important to note that you can only summon Ambrosia in open zone areas, not during story missions or in towns. If you attempt to summon her in an invalid location, Clive will mention the impossibility.

Players can summon Ambrosia at any time while exploring the world of Final Fantasy 16. However, there are certain restrictions on where and when you can ride the Chocobo.

Chocobo Controls

Approach Ambrosia and press the X button to mount her. Once mounted, you can control Ambrosia’s movements using the controller’s sticks and buttons. R2 allows you to gallop and increase your speed, while L2 enables you to slow down or come to a complete stop. Similar to driving a car, you can even perform a drift maneuver for added style.

Riding the Chocobo mount provides several advantages when it comes to navigation and exploration in Final Fantasy 16. Ambrosia allows you to travel at a significantly faster speed than on foot, making long journeys across the expansive map more efficient and enjoyable. This increased speed can be particularly useful when trying to avoid lower-level enemies or quickly reach distant locations.

Final Fantasy 16 is now available on PlayStation 5. For more on Final Fantasy 16, visit our guides on Staggering, Best Phoenix Eikonic Abilities, and The Akashic Dragon Boss Fight.

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