How to Unlock Character Skins in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood character skins

Skins are made to customize the characters in the game and let players play in whatever outfit they choose. Players usually wear a certain outfit because it boosts their confidence, and they are able to play the game more freely and have more fun. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to unlock character skins.

Back 4 Blood: Unlock Character Outfits and Skins

If you are intending to unlock character outfits and skins in Back 4 Blood, you should keep in mind that you will need Supply Points to do so. These Supply Points can later be spent in the Fort Hope at the Supply Lines section there.

The supply Lines section can be accessed from the menu or by spotting the women sitting on a picnic table. You will notice a track in this section, this track has different rewards for you. You will get these rewards by progressing through the game and completing certain challenges.

As you keep progressing through the game, you will notice that the rewards in the track are going to get unlocked. If you have completed a track, you will get another one with several other rewards.

In the beginning, you will usually get rewards like cards or some personalization items for your player profile. As you reach higher levels, you will then get a new character cosmetic that you can unlock by progressing through the game and completing certain challenges.

After you have unlocked an outfit, you can go to New hope to wear that outfit. You can also access the Cleaners menu to get a breakdown of all the items that you own in your inventory. You can also preview your character here to see how your character will look like in action.

This is everything that there is to know about unlocking characters’ outfits in Back 4 Blood. Need more help? See How to Unlock Weapon Skins, Abilities, How to Find Nests.

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