Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope has done a great job bringing us legendary characters like Bowser. Bowser (along with newcomers Edge and Rabbid Rosalina) is a brand-new party member for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. He is equipped with a large rocket launcher and a few secret abilities, but you must unlock him to utilize them.

Bowser’s Location: Play the game until you get to Palette Prime, the third planet, because Bowser won’t be unlockable until then. When you do, you can do one of two things: either explore the woods to bring back the color that has been lost or travel via Woodrow’s house to get to the town plaza. The latter is a longer route, but the former will also get you to town; you only need to defeat the Darkmess Root before it opens. This is the key to unlocking Bowser.

It is irrelevant which route you take, as both the roads lead to the town square where the real fun begins. One of Cursa’s minions will greet you on arrival; the super sturdy Bedrock. Bowser also shows up along with him. When you fight Bedrock, Bowser will join you in the battle against Cursa, and he will become a full-fledged party member once you lay Bedrock to rest.

Bowser’s Abilities

When Bowser hits you, he hits hard, so he will make a very powerful ally to your team. His main weapon is the Bowzooka, a rocket launcher with an apt name that causes significant damage over a large area. Groups of foes require the usage of this move. In general, Bowser is excellent at managing hoards of enemies.

This also holds true for his unique power, which calls forth a Mechakoopa army. These will hunt out the nearest foe, and if they reach close enough, they will explode. If not, they will carry on in the following round. They are even more adaptable because the party can pick them up and toss them.

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