Are you struggling to unlock the elusive Armsmaster secret job in Octopath Traveler 2? Look no further! The Armsmaster is one of the four highly sought-after secret jobs in Octopath Traveler 2, offering powerful combat abilities and stat boosts for your party members.

But unlocking it requires some serious exploration and puzzle-solving skills. In this guide, we’ll show you step-by-step how to unlock the Armsmaster secret job and take your party to the next level. So, grab your weapons and let’s get started!

How to Unlock Armsmaster Secret Job

You’ll need to find a specific blacksmith in Gravell, Wildlands, to get the Armsmaster Secret Job. When you get to the blacksmith’s house, you’ll see a man blocking the way. This individual is a debt collector who has been tasked with collecting the blacksmith’s debts.

Throne’s Ambush and Hikari’s Challenge can help you overcome this obstacle.

The blacksmith known as Porta will greet you once you’ve dealt with the debt collector and award you the Armsmaster License. She’ll also ask for rusty weapons. There are 6 rusty weapons in Octopath Traveler and they are your primary way to get Armsmaster Secret Job Skills in Octopath Traveler 2.

Rusty Weapons Locations

WeaponWhere to Find (Location)
Rusty StaffMake your way to the Seat of the Water Sprite in Flamechurch, Crestlands, to unlock the Rusty Staff.
As soon as you enter the ruins, you’ll see a chest on the floor. Reach the chest and get the Rusty Staff by navigating the ruins.
Rusty AxeGo to Sai in Hinoeuma to unlock the Rusty Axe. Continue west until you reach the Quicksand Gaol. Navigate to the cave once you’re inside the dungeon. You will now face the Lord of the Sands. When you’ve defeated the boss, go to the center of the cave and open the chest to get the Rusty Axe.
Rusty DaggerTo get the Rusty Dagger, finish Partitio’s Scent of Commerce quest in Tropu’hopu, Toto’haha. Your reward will be the Grand Terry, a ship that allows you to navigate the seas.
The Shipwreck of the Empress is located in the western portion of the Wildlands region within the Sundering Sea. The Rusty Dagger can be found by searching the shipwreck and finding one of the golden chests.
Rusty BowYou must first defeat the Behemoth located in the Sinking Ruins of Toto’haha in order to obtain the Rusty Bow. Remember that this monster will petrify your party members, so make sure you have enough Herb-of-Grace-Buds in your inventory.
Visit the Black Market in New Delsta Flats, Brightlands, and buy some Herb-of-Grace-Buds.

You can find the Sinking Ruins in Toto’haha between the Nameless Village and the Southern Nameless Village Traverse. There’s an entrance to the ruins on the west side.

Continue exploring the ruins until you find a chest at the bottom of a flight of stairs. To fight the Behemoth, approach the chest. You’ll get the Rusty Bow when you defeat the creature.
Rusty SwordMake your way to the Weapon Shop in Oresrush, Wildlands, to get the Rusty Sword. Get the Sturdy Pickaxe from the miner in the store once you get there. Take the pickaxe to Winterbloom in the Winterlands. Find the woman by the rock on the eastern side of town and give her the pickaxe. As a thank you, she’ll give you the Rusty Sword.
Rusty PolearmMake your way to Timberain, Leaflands, to get the Rusty Polearm. You’ll be challenged to a duel by a guard in the western part of the castle. You need to use Path Actions to get the Legendary Arms Exorcising Bow before engaging in combat.

Using Hikari’s Challenge or Ochette’s Provoke will knock out the guard once you have the Legendary Arms.
Alternatively, you can have a Throne at level 60 ambush him during the night to avoid any confrontations. Enter the house behind the guard and find the open doorway on the right side.
You’ll find the Rusty Polearm at the end of the path.

Armsmaster secret job is best for Hikari but there are other options you can go with. That’s all you need to know on how to unlock the armsmaster secret job in Octopath Traveler 2.

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