In Terra Nil, each animal species thrives in its unique habitat, and understanding how to create these diverse environments is essential for success in the game. This article will walk you through the process of unlocking animal habitats and offer tips to help you create a flourishing ecosystem.

How to Unlock Animal Habitats

  • Utilizing the Animal Scanner
  • Embracing Change and Destruction
  • Balancing Habitats for Optimal Results

Utilizing the Animal Scanner

The animal scanner is an invaluable tool for assessing the specific habitat requirements of each animal species. By using the scanner, you can identify the missing elements in a particular environment. As you progress in the game and reach the recycling stage, you’ll have ample access to Leaf resources, giving you the freedom to experiment and modify habitats as needed.

Embracing Change and Destruction

Don’t shy away from altering the landscape, even if it means destroying certain elements or setting things on fire. These changes can help you create the perfect environment for the animals. When working towards unlocking animal habitats, it’s wise to complete the “Optional Goals” in the order they appear in the drop-down menu. This approach provides a structured path and ensures the right temperature and humidity levels for the animals to survive.

Balancing Habitats for Optimal Results

Creating the ideal habitat for one animal species may require the destruction of another species’ habitat. However, don’t worry, as you only need to have three habitats unlocked to complete a level. If you need to remove one habitat (e.g., destroying a forest to make way for an open field), you will still have technically unlocked the previous animal species.

That’s everything you need to know on how to unlock all animal habitats in Terra Nil. We also have useful tips and habitats locations guides that you may want to read before you go.

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