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How to Unlock and Use Magic Bursts in Final Fantasy 16


Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) is an action-packed game that offers players a thrilling combat experience. One of the key abilities in the game is the Magic Burst, a move that can turn the tide of battle. In this guide, I will explain how to unlock and use Magic Bursts in FF16, along with tips and strategies to maximize their effectiveness.

Magic Bursts in Final Fantasy 16 are powerful close-range attacks that combine melee combat with explosive magical abilities. By using a specific button combination, you can unleash a burst of magic on enemies. These bursts not only deal significant damage but also have a unique effect on the enemy’s Will Gauge.

In Final Fantasy 16, there are two types of Magic Bursts: the standard Magic Burst and the Aerial Burst. The Magic Burst is executed on the ground, while the Aerial Burst is performed while airborne. These techniques allow players to adapt their combat style based on the situation and the positioning of their enemies. Mastering both techniques will provide a significant advantage in battle.

How to Unlock Magic Bursts in FF16

Magic Bursts in FF16 is available to Clive right from the start of the game. As soon as players gain access to the Abilities menu, they can unlock and begin using Magic Bursts in combat. This early access to such a powerful ability sets the stage for epic battles and thrilling encounters throughout the game.

How to Unlock and Use Magic Bursts in Final Fantasy 16 Unlock Magic Bursts.

To unlock and upgrade abilities like Magic Bursts in FF16, you must navigate to the Abilities menu. In this menu, players can spend Ability Points (AP) earned through combat and quest completion to unlock and enhance various abilities. By investing AP, you can unlock new abilities, improve existing ones, and maximize their potential in battle.

How to Use Magic Bursts

To perform a Magic Burst, you must start a close-ranged melee attack by pressing the Square button on PS5, followed immediately by tapping the Triangle button. This combination will trigger a magicked explosion on the enemy, dealing damage and potentially affecting the enemy’s Will Gauge.

To maximize the damage of Magic Bursts in FF16, you can experiment with combining them with other abilities. By chaining together different moves and attacks, you can create devastating combos that deal massive damage to enemies. The synergy between Magic Bursts and other abilities adds depth to combat and allows for creative and strategic gameplay.

That’s all you need to know on how to unlock and use Magic Bursts in Final Fantasy 16. We also have guides on White Dragon Boss Fight and Best Garuda Eikonic Abilities that you may like.

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