How to Unlock and Upgrade Workbench in Valheim

How to Get and Upgrade Workbench in Valheim

A workbench in Valheim is used for crafting and repairing certain items. It also allows players to construct several buildings. A workbench has a radius of 20 meters and enemies cannot spawn in this area. It does not require more than a Hammer to be constructed. It can be crafted easily anywhere as you will need one near you whenever needed.

How to Build a Workbench in Valheim

A Workbench is simply constructed using a couple of items such as 10 pieces of Wood, which can be collected from the branches lying around on the floor. You should also craft a Stone Axe, which is a useful tool in cutting trees quickly. Players should also provide their workbench with a shelter, which requires additional wood.

The workbench recipe is unlocked after crafting a Hammer. After you have equipped the Hammer, you need to press the right mouse button to open the build menu, choose the crafting tab and then go for the Workbench and place it on the floor.

After you have created a Workbench you will get a prompt to create a roof over your crafting station. You can build a wooden hut over your crafting bench or you can create a tiny shelter exclusively for the workbench.

Upgrade the Workbench

Upgrading a Workbench is quite easy, all you gotta do is press a button and place certain items near the bench. The items you are supposed to collect are marked with stars in the crafting menu. Although, it will take a bit of time to explore all the resources and materials needed to craft and upgrade the bench. Here is a list of all the workbench upgrades.

Chopping Black – Level 2
10x Wood, 10x Flint

Tanning Black – Level 3
10x Wood, 15x Flint, 20x Leather Scraps, 5x Deer Heed

Wood can be found in forests and around watery areas. You need to kill a deer to collect Deer Heed.

Adze – Level 4
10x Fine Wood, 3x Bronze

Craft bronze using Forge and Fine wood is collected from Birch trees.

Tool Shelf – Level 5
4x Iron, 4x Obsidian, 1x Fine Wood

Fine wood is collected from Birch trees, smelt Scrap Iron, and mine the Obsidian in the mountains using Forge.

These are the items that your workbench heavily depends upon. Every time you place one of these items near your bench, it will be upgraded to the next level.

This was all you needed to know about unlocking and upgrading the workbench in Valheim. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.

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